Revolution: Rise of Darkness- Chapter 1

This is the first chapter of Revolution: Rise of Darkness. Enjoy!

It was a breezy day, with the sun shining brightly and the skies clear. The birds were chirping, the clouds were white and fluffy, and there was a triple-rainbow spreading across the sky. Oh wait, this is sounding like a fantasy. Rewind. OK. Let me start again.

It was a breezy day, with the sun shining brightly, and the skies clear. Although the birds were not chirping, and there was no triple-rainbow, and the clouds are always white and fluffy, the day seemed like the perfect day. Don’t you sometimes get the feeling that a day was so perfect? When everything seemed to going the way you wanted it to be, when everything seemed to be perfect, when the world was orderly and nothing could go wrong? Well, it was one of those kind of days. Everything was perfect.

Walking pass the main road in town, I felt pleased. Calm. There’s always those people who talk about having self-esteem and being calm and being happy and such, and that was exactly what I was feeling at that time. Breath in, calm. Breath out, calm. Pure zen.

And there was a reason to be pleased. Today was the day I went on a residential field trip to the national park. The residential trip is always quite an event; well, it’s 1 week away from home. Residential trips were exciting and fun things, and everyone in the class looks forward to it.

My happiness was violently interrupted by the sudden turning on of extremely loud songs. I looked around. I’d been so peaceful that I’ve managed to ignore everything around me. Not only had I took the wrong turn and was actually walking on the way out of town, instead of towards school, and suddenly I found that a giant stage had been set up in the park. Not a lot of people had gathered there yet, but the music was loud as hell. It was certainly nationalist music, but the volume it was set made me wonder if here was a law about having ear doctors check the volume of music on the streets before turning it on. The stage seemed to be hastily set up, and there was only one sentence written in the background: UP WITH MARXISM! The hope that today was going to be a perfect, peaceful day was over. Hopefully school would be better.

Deciding that I wasn’t feeling like joining a political demonstration today, I quickly ran back, and after a few more minutes of walking I found myself inside school gates. I quickly made my way into the building, smiling to acknowledge one of the teachers who was walking around for no particular reason, and walked up to the fourth floor, where my homeroom was. Perhaps there was still a hope that the day was going to be good.

My hope was quickly dashed. I entered the room to find the usual madness that so characterized my class. Homeroom was usually a crazy time, and the fact that the residential trip was today didn’t help make matters better. Toby was running around, with Sophie chasing him for a reason I didn’t know (these two were always chasing each other around anyway, which was childish for our age and caused much gossip). The moment I walked in, Toby crashed into a table, bringing two chairs bouncing and crashing into another person. Oh god, I thought to myself. A day can never be perfect in this class. I quickly steered clear away to sit down on a table.

While I was thinking of all this like a philosopher, I was interrupted by the sounds of more crashing. I looked over. I could see Isaac rolling his eyes. Isaac was the sort of person whose intelligence level makes him look like a reincarnation if Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein, (maybe that explains his name) and has an extremely big ego. (Not exactly the most friendly combination). He thinks that he should be the one leading everything, but he barely has any leadership skills. He has the brains to carry things out, but not the personality. He doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, only asks for it.

“Can you stop acting like kids?” asked Isaac. I always chuckle at Isaac silently. He thinks he’s so important, even though he’s not. Not even close.

Toby looked up. He walked slowly towards Isaac. “Can you stop trying to control everyone’s lives for once?” I could hear a sigh coming from across the room. Toby and Isaac were always ready to wage a nuclear war against each other.┬áRob walked to immediately mediate the war, creating a peaceful solution to what could have been destructive.

All in all, it was not exactly a perfect start to what might have been a good day.

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