Revolution- Rise of Darkness: Chapter 2

This is the second chapter of Revolution: Rise of Darkness. Like Chapter 1, it’s still a pretty boring chapter :P. I promise you that the fun will start picking up in Chapter 3. This chapter took me way too long, blame the stuff that keeps distracting me.

I walked along the corridors of the school, heading for my next class. I looked around at my disorganized group, and I smiled at the thought of those ‘single-file’ lines the teacher made us walk in during primary school. There was no sign that my class could’ve ever done that anymore.

We were dragging along our bags for the one week trip to the national park. We stopped at the entrance, in front of the bus that were waiting for us. Ms Laura walked along in her confident manner. Everyone was chattering away, but the moment Ms Laura walked, silence replaced the noise suddenly and swiftly. Ms Laura had a reputation as being the teacher with the worst temper in the whole school, and no one knew how she ended up being our chaperone.

“Alright, I’m going to give you your field trip groups. These will be the people you’re staying with this trip. First group- Richard, Jake, Will, Cynthia and Andrea.” Hmm. The friends I talk to most were all in that group.

“The second group…Alex, Daniel, Zoe, Evan and Kate”. So she hasn’t called me yet. I was starting to be worried. A lot of my close friends have already been taken.

“Third group….Toby, Anna, Sophie, John and Isaac”. I nearly choked when I heard the names. Seriously? Toby and Sophie together? Whoever made these groups must be both blind and deaf. Isaac? Certainly not my most favorite person in the world. The only person I didn’t have an opinion of was Anna. She was a quiet girl who didn’t socialize much, but she was good at playing the piano. I didn’t know much about her, because she barely talked.

Because my name had already been callen, I didn’t listen to the next group Ms Laura named. I was starting to think about the rather miserable future that probably awaited me. One whole week with Toby and Sophie’s madness, or Isaac’s planet-sized ego? It was a distressing future indeed.

On Ms Laura’s command, we jumped up on the bus. I strapped myself onto a seat, and closed my eyes, awaiting slumber to come to me to pass the time for the 4 hour trip that was coming.

– – – – –

I woke up when the car bumped up and down rather violently. Outside the window, trees were everywhere. We were in the national park, unless some province governor hasn’t been paying attention and allowed the street to degrade into a rather bumpy path, or the city has just been abandoned and overgrowth immediately sprang to take the place of buildings.

“John, you’re awake?” someone said behind my back. It was Daniel.

“Yeah, I am. Why?” I replied.

“Nothing, just wondering.” Silence fell in for a moment, as we realized that we were the only people on the van that were talking. The other people were reading books, snoring, or just enjoying the scenery. I decided to get the conversation going again. “Do you get carsick?” It was a rather pointless question, because I’ve been in the bus with him many times and I’ve never seen him complain.

“No, I don’t. You?”

“Not often”. Another silence fell through. This was certainly one awkward conversation.

I was glad to see the bus finally stop. Ms Laura was, as always, full of enthusiasm. “Wake up, wake up, wake up! We’ve reached Rocky Trail national park.” (I always roll my eyes at the creativeness of the person who named the park).

– – – – –

It took about five minutes more of walking through a narrow walkway before we reached our cabins. The wooden cabins looked like a nice place to sleep in. “Group 1, you’re in that cabin. Group 2, you’re in that one. Group 3, that one. Group 4, that.” Everyone started walking towards their assigned cabin, before Ms Laura yelled “No! Don’t go yet! Come back first! Gather around me.” 

Three people walked from a van that had been following the bus. “Here’s Mr. Smith, Mr Ryan and Mr Noah. They’re going to be our guides around this area.”

Mr Smith was tall and thin, and Mr Ryan was a contrast to him, being fat and short. Mr Ryan spoke up first. “Hi, guys. Like what Ms Laura said, I’m one of your guides for the next week. We’ll be climbing to the waterfalls and chasing deer together!” He laughed. Mr Smith didn’t smile. I suspected that he was a saturnine person. Mr Noah, a person of normal height and size, was scrubbing his shoe.

“Just go to your cabins first and choose your bedrooms. When I blow my trumpet”, Mr Ryan held the instrument up proudly, “come back to meet here.”

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