Blogger’s Biggest Horror (and Shaved Ice)

Finding a topic

Thinking and thinking for hours

My head is empty.

Why did I even sign up for NaBloPoMo? Posting every day for the whole month…this is crazy. I’m already dying. So here’s my problem. It’s always been a problem for me. I don’t have anything to blog about.

Well, actually, I do. I can blog about school, but sadly school hasn’t been the most exciting place on Earth lately. I could blog some more about my writing, but I also haven’t done too much writing lately. (And I blog way too much about my writing anyway. It makes me sound like one of those over-reflective people.) I could blog about food. Yeah, food. I can blog about food.

Arguing for Shaved Ice as Man’s Best Invention

Hello everyone, today I would like to use this blog post to argue that shaved ice (with condensed milk and syrup all over) is actually the best thing mankind ever invented. Without shaved ice (with condensed milk and syrup all over), Thai people would not continue to exist to this day. Shaved ice (with condensed milke and syrup all over) has allowed us to stay cool despite the heat. And by the way, folks, it’s winter here in Thailand already, but it’s still always about more than 35 degrees. This is worse than a ‘holiday in Cambodia’.

Wait, actually, that does sound nice. By the way, this is true. Do you know what shaved ice is? Here in Thailand it always looks like this. No rainbow-colored ice, folks. This is the real deal.

Pink ice, condensed milk on top. Nothing tastes better than this. 😉 And it’s also true that here in Thailand it’s already summer, BUT the temperature is still ridiculously high and there isn’t any bit of coolness, not even in the morning.

Okay, I’m sidetracked. Back to what I was talking about earlier.

I can write about what I’m ‘passionate’ about. This is a word that gets thrown around often, especially in Twitter bios. It’s everywhere. But…am I actually passionate about anything? So…let’s see. Classes I enjoy most at school are LA English and Humanities. Humanities= history. English= writing. History is covered on my other blog (which I co-write with other friends) while writing is totally covered here. I’m actually also kinda interested in technology…so maybe a blog post on Windows 8 would be coming soon. And maybe one on Ubuntu.

In any case, I’m using NaBloPoMo to force me to write, so that I’m actually forced to come up with new ideas to blog about (and that should probably help with my blog activity in the future). Otherwise I’d be stuck with posting novel chapters forever and that’s not fun. 🙂




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  1. Use plinky or ill send you email of random questions

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