Geometry- Nightmare of a Test

Geometry has always been the one aspect of mathematics that I absolutely despise. I don’t like looking at pretty figures and shapes, I don’t like figuring out the size of the angle or the length of the hypotenuse, and I do not like doodling shapes into my workbook. In short, I don’t like geometry. (I guess my feelings are pretty obvious through my choice of wording in the first sentence).

Anyway, today I had a GEOMETRY TEST. And…what is it about? Oh, it’s about ANGLESwhich happens to be about my weakest area in geometry (and that’s saying something). Basically, what I’ve been learning about (or supposed to learn about; I don’t understand a fair bit of stuff) is finding unknown angles using things like corresponding and alternate and interior angles or angles in a triangle.

I don’t like geometry terms. 😉

Here’s the events listed in chronological order.

YESTERDAY- slowly reviewing by going on Facebook reading the math textbook

TODAY- I walk into homeroom, worrying about the math test that’s coming up in Period 3.

Then a stroke of luck comes…

HOMEROOM- it is announced that PSE (Health) class is cancelled and I will have extra study hall! Cheers erupt in homeroom.

PERIOD 1- Study hall! Like a madman I quickly review every single thing there is to review. I open the teacher’s presentation, I reread the textbook, I recomplete the Review Sets…is there really nothing more that I can do so that I can assure myself that I am totally ready? Well, that question can’t be answered yet; the bell rings…

PERIOD 2- Performing Arts. I simply forget that I have a math test as I’m too busy working on a Commedia Dell’Arte performance.

PERIOD 3- Wait. It’s Math already? Doesn’t that mean…it’s test time? I sit down and the teacher hands me a test. I look at the true or false questions…and do a bit of guesswork. Then I find stuff about sides and sum of interior angles…and it made me realize what I had forgotten to review.

AFTERWARDS- please don’t talk to me about how you answered questions on the test. I don’t want to hear anything from you.

And that…is my angles test legend, summarized.



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