It’s Design Cycle Challenge Week

So it’s Design Cycle Challenge week…gee, I need to get out of that habit of starting every sentence with ‘so’. It’s not professional and it’s a bad habit to have. Anyway…it’s Design Cycle Challenge Week.

Design Cycle Challenge Week is, as the name suggests, a challenge where you have to go through the design cycle process every day, and by the end of the week you should have created something that accomplishes the task set. This year’s task is to create a balsa wood airplane (nice) and try to have it fly as far as you can get it to. Easier said than done.

My plane has not been going too well so far, and what’s been racking my brain lately is more on the research and marketing side. (I’ve never been a build sort of person anyway). The biggest question is mostly IS THIS THING COOL, ARE THE OTHER GROUPS GONNA COME UP WITH SOMETHING COOLER THAN THIS, etc. etc. etc.

I’m still busy, so sorry for short post. Cya later.


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