Reviewing Train’s Latest Single, Bruises

I’m no professional music criticizer but since my favorite band, Train, just released their latest song, Bruises, maybe a fan is entitled to giving a review? 😛

Taste of Country does a pretty good job of summing up Bruises:

The song is about two friends catching up about 10 years after graduating from high school. Both of them are divorced, and they’ve been battered and bruised a few times over the years. But despite the pain, they recognize that their scars make them more interesting people.

Now, here’s my take on the song. The big and only problem here with the song is that…I’m not even in high school yet, so this song doesn’t really have a “personal touch”. And that isn’t Train’s fault, because really if that is such a big problem 50 ways to Say Goodbye is also not gonna be any good. (That’s not true, since 50 ways is a really good song.). At first when I heard the song when California 37 just came out I didn’t like it all that much (in fact it was among my least liked). But after listening to the album a few times, I’m starting to like it more and more.

In any case, the song is really good. Ashley Monroe’s voice is pretty good. The chorus is great and I guess a lot of people would have a personal connection with it. (eg. “bruises make for better conversation”). The musical style is also a nice change from the different tracks on California 37; who’d have expected Train to do country so well? 🙂

What really stands out here, though, is the video. It’s taken at the Red Rock amphitheater (which is really beautiful). Also, the clever part of the video is that Ashley and Pat are never actually together. (After all, they’re not together yet!). And what’s funny is that in the very first part of the video, Pat’s sitting in a train. Train in a train. Nice. 😛

Anyway, as an ending note, I’m hoping Train releases Mermaid or This’ll Be My Year as their next single…When the Fog Rolls In would also be nice…

What’s your opinion of Bruises?

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