So I Missed A Day

So I finally missed not just one day, but two, from NaBloPoMo. Well that’s nice. I’m now officially a NaBloPoMo 2012 Failure. Anyway, I’m a bit glad that I finally failed on this, because I realized something about my blogging that makes NaBloPoMo totally unsuitable for me.

I finally failed at this!

1) I can’t be forced to blog. I discovered this during Design Cycle Challenge week where I was really busy, and I still forced myself to write. The result was a week of crappy posts that only had “I’m so busy right now” on, and that isn’t any good for my blog.

2) I don’t have enough to blog about. I don’t have exciting adventures every single day of my life for me to write every day. “Oh,” you say, “you forget those prompt websites.” I don’t really like those either, even though I use them occasionally (at least I used to, anyway).

3) I’m too busy to blog everyday. Frankly a student is loaded with homework everyday and I don’t have time to spend half an hour writing a post every single day.

Just so you know, today is another of those ‘nothing-exciting’ days, so yeah.



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