The 40,000 Word Point

Recently, with the completion of Chapter 22 of Revolution: Rise of Darkness, I’ve written Revolution up to the 40,000 word point. My original goal for the whole novel was about 60,000 and with around ten or so chapters left for me to write, if each chapter each manages to score close to 2000 words, I should be able to get there.

One thing that I’m not too happy about Revolution, however, is my writing style. I think that as a writer, no matter how amateurish and noobish, I should be able to write better than that. It all comes down to how well I can edit, of course, as writing the whole novel is only about half the battle; there’s still the proofreading, editing and publishing which is incredibly boring and tempts people to quit. I know I’ve written stuff only to quit during the editing stages before. It’s very boring work. I’m determined that this time I’m not going to let editing stop me, however.

Anyway, to help with that, an opportunity has presented itself in the form of an English book report. I’m allowed to choose books that I’ve read before, and so I choose to reread a book from the very series that inspired the idea of Revolution: it’s the Tomorrow series by John Marsden. I’m actually choosing to read book 1, While I Live, of the Ellie Chronicles, because it’s a “book 1” and therefore simpler to do, but it’s just an extended Tomorrow series book which makes it still very Tomorrow-ish.

I’m not sure how much I’m getting to write for the next two to three weeks, however. I’m stuck with a ton of major assignments at school, Homewritten History, and class oscars. (Yeah, I’m a pretty busy person). Hopefully I’ll find time to write Chapter 23, but don’t be surprised if it’s been two weeks and still nothing has came out. I’m also not gonna make an attempt with NaBloPoMo, as I really don’t have time, and because of the reasons explained in a previous post.


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