Oh Wow, Sports Day (Note: This Post is Excessively Annoying)

So…oh damnit. Why am I so addicted to using the word ‘so’ to begin a sentence all the time? Anyway, I had sports day today and it was…okay I guess. Yeah, you better hand that Best Blogger Award 2012 to me. “Anyway, I had sports day today, and it was…okay I guess.” How interesting is that.

So…again. ARGH. Anyway…oh darn, now I don’t know how to start this sentence. Actually, no, I forget what I was gonna write. Rewind. So…well actually I don’t care anymore if I use the word ‘so’ to begin the sentence. So this post will be all about how my sports day was. How interesting, once again. So…SO…this post is seriously annoying for me to write. And probably for you to read too..Actually guess what. I’m not even going to go over what I did because this blog is all about how exciting my life is and apparently my life isn’t exciting, so I have to be a bit selective. Anyway, the sports I chose to do was handball, kickball and then I was force-signed up to hurdles in a mega relay. So that’s all of this in summary.

And really the only reason I’m writing this post is because it’s already mid December and still we hadn’t a cold, breezy morning yet. wat ish wrong wid teh weather

I feel like ragequitting from writing this post at any moment because it sounds so boring. Yeah, I guess I’m not in the mood to write right now. Goodbye.

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