So, usually I don’t like doing “dated” posts but as it happens my brain has been pretty blocked especially when it comes to writing stuff

This will happen to my brain soon. (Image Source)

for the past week or so, and I really don’t feel like doing a blog post on anything specific, so this will do for now.

I’ve been super-busy in the past week. Now, it’s only the first week of the term, so I’m not exactly sure about how crazily busy I’m going to be over the following weeks, but the biggest effect is that it’s pretty much clogging up a lot of the time I used to be using to write. For my newly-finished novel, Revolution: Rise of Darkness, I was planning to start editing this week, but as it happens I was so busy with life that I barely had time to edit more than a few sentences. It might take me months to get through this whole novel (and take me even more time to get started with a new novel).

The second thing about life is that the traffic jams in Bangkok has been going crazy the past week. I think it’s because of the government’s not-very-well-thought-out policy with the cars, but whatever has been happening the streets are so clogged up during the morning that even though I used to arrive at school at around, say, 7:20 PM, I’m now coming at 7:40, because I am now spending an extra 20 minutes of my life sitting in my car doing nothing. (Which is why life in Bangkok goes past fast; you’re frankly spending a quarter of your life or something sitting in traffic jams).

The third thing about my lovely life this past week is that I have to write a damned ‘romantic short story’ for English class, and those close to me will know that my personality is far from romantic. Anyway, I’ve been trying hard to write a ‘decent’ (note quotation marks) romantic short story, and I don’t know if I’ve succeeded or not. If I don’t get too bad a score on this I might post it on here (since this is a WRITING blog anyway. I usually forget that).

The LAST thing I want to talk about is that I have Visual Arts this term and it’s already killing me. And I have to go do homework, so have a good day.

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