Make Your Lives a Masterpiece

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You may not be a user of Google+ (which, in recent news, is now the second most popular social network on the web) and I’m not a big-time user too. However, I do go on its “Explore” section to look at the funny images that pop up there, and one day I found this quote.

Make your lives a masterpiece. You only get one canvas.

Such a good quote isn’t it. It’s as if it’s YOLO, done nicely. 

But it’s so true.

I guess that it’s true that you should be doing what you love. (Which is kinda like a motto for me, anyway). You’re only given one chance to live this life, so live it well. You’re only gonna get one canvas to draw your life painting, to make it a masterpiece. You’d want to look at the finished work and go, “that was worth the effort” or “wow, that looks great”, wouldn’t you.

In other news: I have been incredibly busy lately. Actually, I am always incredibly busy, so that isn’t very accurate. Anyway, please do remember that I am a writer on Homewritten History, so don’t forget to check it out for posts by myself. When I’m not writing a post here, I’m writing a post there. 😉



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