This Year’s (Unachievable?) Writing/Blogging Goals

Alright, time to unveil my writing and blogging goals for this year!

Okay, so today is…*glances at iCal icon* January 29th, which means that it has been twenty nine days since 2012. Aren’t yearly goals supposed to be shown earlier than this? Well, it did take me some time to realize that I never posted my writing and blogging goals here at all this year, and I’ve also changed them a bit.

Anyway, first, when I think about the word ‘goals’ I think about reflections done at school. You know, it’s classic.


1. What was your goal?

2. Did you achieve your goal? Why or why not?

Yeah, that. These sort of stuff are boring and should be confined to school or work. This makes me think that maybe I should use a word without that personal negative taint, but I can’t think of anything right now so ‘goal’ would have to do. Perhaps New Year’s Resolutions would be fine too. So anyway, here are my goals/resolutions:

1) Write two to three posts on this blog every week

I’d really like to keep this blog updated. I’ve been able to do about two or three posts every week for some time now and I think that’s good. Of course, there will be times when I just fail and not post for like a week and a half, because I really can’t predict when a massive homework wave will hit. But I will be trying to post as often as I can here. I’m also aiming for two posts on Homewritten History.

2) Read more blogs and novels

‘Learn by example’, so they say. In any case, I’ve got to open myself to more writing done by others.

3) Finish two novels

At the rate I’m going, I’m probably going to finish only one novel this year, but after all, there’s that quote I’m typing off the top of my head here: “Aim for the moon. Even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars”. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of that quote. Anyway, I’m going to aim for two novels this year, but if I end up with one and a half I’d be happy.

4) Surprise – surprise: get Freshly Pressed!

Every day, 10 posts out of the hundreds of thousands published are picked by the staff for the Freshly Pressed page. This year, I’m going to aim for at least one of my posts to be joining the 3650 posts that get picked by to be on Freshly Pressed. I have no confidence that I will fail I will succeed and get anything on Freshly Pressed at all, and fact is the odds are against any of my posts being picked, but it’s something to work towards that would at the very least inspire me to keep writing better posts.

If you’re a fellow writer/blogger, what are your goals this year?

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