Living Without the Internet: Three Reasons Why it’s Good

Next week, I’m going to be off to Khao Yai for camping. Since I’m not going to be bringing any electronic devices, I’d be summarily disconnected from the online world. (Yeah, sadly I’m don’t own a Google Goggle).

It seems like these days everything we do requires the internet, or at least it would require using a computer. I’m a writer- I type up my

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novels. I post them on blogs. I want to talk to someone- I use Skype or Gmail. I want to share something I’m doing- I go on my phone and tweet.

Now, before I begin this post, I’d like to say that I heart internet. I think that it’s absolutely brilliant because I can talk to Americans on the other side of the world, I can chat and I can write blogs and do all sort of awesome stuff. However, there are some things about the internet that makes me think that a week away from it all would be good.

1) The internet means instant communication

Using the internet means that you’re now enabled to instantly communicate with anyone. Chat to someone and before you know it they’d have replied. This is a reason why I’m thinking that living without the internet might be good…you know, you don’t have to bother answering every email. (I’m already imagining my Gmail inbox when I get back from camping; there’s gonna be tons of emails that I’m not even going to bother replying to…)

2) The internet clutters and distracts our life

I’m not sure if this is simply a personal problem 😛 but the internet is extremely distracting if you think about it. I mean, you’re always getting notifications from the one hundred social networks you’re signed up to, there’s always an email from YouTube about the latest updates from your subscriptions…it’s all very distracting. That’s why I like working without a laptop sometimes. There’s nothing to distract you (although friends can also be equally if not even more distracting

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than the internet). You’re writing and there’s always that urge to check Facebook.

3) Using the internet takes time away from living

Now, not like using the internet isn’t living, but I mean like living in its purest form. Okay, that sounds very weird. What I mean is LIVING. You know. Walking. Talking. Not staring at a computer screen.

But using the internet requires staring at a computer (or smartphone) screen.

Chatting is great, but what about talking in real life?

I’ll leave this point for you to think. I’ve scheduled two Revolution chapters (the last ones, actually) to be posted on this blog while I’m away. I’ll also write a post about my camping experience when I’m back. Cya all soon. 🙂


P.S. I hope I don’t go into a fit because I don’t have internet for a week. xD

Published by Ken Lohatepanont

Writer from Bangkok, Thailand; currently a student at the University of California, Berkeley. Enthusiastic about democratic development, international relations and all things politics. I believe in writing to facilitate positive political and social change.

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