Revolution: Rise of Darkness- Chapter 32

Final chapter to Revolution: Rise of Darkness!

I was so thankful we had a car. No more waking up with aching legs. In fact, no more walking up here. It only took two hours or so and we had reached the coastline.

I was still stunned by what we had just accomplished. Us, alone, a group of teens, had managed to set free an entire settlement. We had pretty much defied all logic. Everyone we had set free was either walking towards the coastline, or had disappeared. I wished them the best. It was the most I could do after this.

The sea was beautiful. To the distance the island of Estina was faintly visible. The sky was turning into a beautiful red and the sun’s rays were reflected in the gentle waves that crashed to the beach. We all got down from the jeep and stood admiring the view for a while.

“I wish this was just a holiday.” Anne sighed. “That we were on a vacation to the seaside.”

“Think of it as an extended residential trip to Estina.” Sophie said. “Now, here’s the thing- how do we cross the sea?”

“Can jeeps float?” I asked.

Everyone stared at me. “Are you serious about this?” Toby asked.

“Um, no. Sorry. That was a joke.”

“Okay then. I have an idea. We’re gonna make a raft.” Toby said.

“A raft?” Isaac repeated.

“Yep, a raft.”

“How?” asked Sophie.

Toby gestured back behind us. There was a forested area. “Simple. Cut down wood, tie ‘em together. We have plenty of rope. I learned this once while going camping with my dad. We then set for the sea.”

I sighed. Doesn’t sound like a terribly good plan, but alright. “Sure. We’ll do what you say.” We started walking towards the wood. To our delight we found bamboo growing there, and we quickly cut them down. We worked together. This was the group of people I have been with for nearly a year already. Irritating they might be sometimes, but hell, we’ve been through a lot together. I felt a special bond with everyone, even Isaac. I remembered what I felt like when the trip was started. The group looked very bad, that was my first thought. But in the end we’d pulled through. We’d used our strengths in different ways and we’d survived the wrath of the soldiers of the Great Leader.

After cutting down the bamboo, Toby produced out his rope and he then proceeded to tying the bamboo together in a raft shape. We stood to admire our finished work, even though it was becoming dark.

“Finally, we’re going to go.” Anne said. I saw her wipe a tear from her eye and smiled. None of us knew what Estina would be like, but it was our last hope and the faintest glimmer of hope would still be clung by us. Now Estina was just a step away from our grasp and we were not going to let go of it.

All of us carried the raft together and put it in the sea. We then jumped on it and we found ourselves on a makeshift boat. Toby dragged in another stick of wood as an oar and started rowing.

I reflected on the past year spent dodging bullets, running away from soldiers and mad van drivers and defending walls. It had been a horrific time, but I think I’ve found something I didn’t have in myself before. I’ve found confidence. I’ve been triumphant despite the odds time and time again. I think I’ve done enough for one teenager now. I’d survived, despite everything, and it was more than I could ever ask for.

When the sun emerged we would have a renewed sense of life. At least that’s what I hoped, anyway. But as long as you’ve got hope, as

long as you believe in yourself, nothing can defy you. It was fully dark by this time, but I looked out and saw the moon shining brightly. It wouldn’t be long before it was dawn, I thought, and by that time the darkness would clear away and from it; well, I don’t know. I’m hoping for a better life, but then that’s wishful thinking on my part; nothing in life’s certain anyway. The past year had taught me that quite a couple of times. But no matter what comes on Estina, I’ll live with it. No other choice, anyway.

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