An Awesome Week of Camping!

I’m back from a week camping in Khao Yai national park!

First off, I was going to post this right after I came back but I managed to get food poisoning, which then left me totally exhausted and then I had school (wow) and so I haven’t had time to write this post until now. Anyway, before I went, I’d written that I was going to do some “serious camping”.

Serious camping (see-RYUZ KAM-ping) is when you camp with a tent, start a fire, eat marshmallows and fight with tigers in a dark forest.

  • Camp with a tent: check
  • Start a fire: 
  • Eat marshmallows
  • Fight with tigers in a dark forest

So no, I did not have as much self-defined ‘serious-camping’ as I could, but in any case I did meet alligators and elephants, so that can substitute for the tiger. Anyway, here’s a day-by-day ramble-on about my trip.

Day 1: Travelling to Khao Yai, the first hike and a night safari

Travelling to Khao Yai was obviously normal travelling on a van, where the only thing my friends and I did were trade riddles and jokes and make weird noises. Very interesting, to say the least; the first hike wasn’t much better. Basically, we went one of these boring concrete trails made for visitors, and nothing exciting is ever going to come out of something like that anyway. The fun part of the day was the night safari, and I had the super-smart sense of choosing not to wear a jacket against the freezing wind. 

Not terribly exciting.
Night safari.

Day 2: two hikes, camping: I don’t mind two hikes in a day actually. The first hike was fine, except for the part where it was just an upright slope which nearly killed my legs. The second one was a walk through the grassland, which was also fine except for how the group stopped to peer at all the dung there was even though the sun was blazing hot. The camping, however, was not exactly fine. The biggest problem was the uncivilized toilets, which had no lights, no locks, no heating, and smelled terrible.

This is what I call ‘exciting’.

Day 3: one hike, a waterfall and even more camping

This hike was awesome. It was basically a 3 hour hike and we passed through waterfalls, saw an alligator and then I managed to slip into the water of the waterfall (which wasn’t all that fun actually). The camping was a bit of a shock at first, because we’d arrived at the wrong place, and there was like this open bathroom with yellow water. (I do not call that civilized). Luckily we stayed a bit farther off. 

Look closely and you see a crocodile!

Day 4: Salt pick maintenancebat watching

Not a terribly exciting day. We had to maintain this thing called a ‘salt pick’, which elephants would come to lick for nutrients (rather smart, these elephants) and so we dug up the ground and added in loads of nutrients (which made me wonder why the elephants wouldn’t die from liver dysfunction afterwards). Then we went bat watching. This was awesome. Millions of bats streamed out of a cave. A-w-e-s-o-m-e.


Day 5: goodbye Khao Yai

Nothing exciting, other than sitting on the van listening to old and weird songs that the driver turns on, such as “Ali Baba” by a guy called Los Garcia. 

So, in conclusion, this was an awesome awesome awesome trip. Loved all of it. Also, just to add from my other post, four days of not using the internet is really great. You just don’t worry about so much when you’re not connected. Try it sometime, you might be surprised by the magic of not checking your inbox.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be posting soon about my next novel, Shield of Fire.

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