The Novels I’m Starting…

It’s been some time since I had time to write a real ‘new’ post on this blog (eg. not taking old content and posting it again)…but I’m back!

I am still a rather busy person (and will continue to be for the rest of my life…I guess) but anyway first off I want to talk about the post that I wrote a few weeks back about considering to move from WordPress to Tumblr. I’ve decided that I will not move to Tumblr because Tumblr is more graphic based (but my content is still mostly in text form) and I can’t really find that ‘novel writing’ community on Tumblr that I can on WordPress. (I might start a side blog on Tumblr, however, if I have time).

Anyway, what I want to talk about more today is about the new novels I’m starting. What’s going to happen to Shield of Fire (the historical fiction novel about the Persian Wars) that I was writing is very simple- I’m going to stop writing it and will probably not reattempt it in the near future. Historical fiction requires a huge amount of research which requires a huge amount of time (which is something I don’t have lots of). I find myself worrying too much about if whether my portrayal of Themistocles is inaccurate and trying to find out how Athens actually looked like two thousand years ago.

Revolution: Rise of Darkness, which was a novel that I’d already finished, will be rewritten. As I reread the first draft that I’d written, I realized how crappy a novel it was (as I talked about in this post). So I will be rewriting it under the name The RevolutionThe basic storyline will be the same: a group of teenagers go on a trip and comes out to find that a revolution has happened and their country is now governed by Khmer Rouge-style radicals.

I will also be simultaneously writing another novel. I haven’t decided on the final name yet, but for now it’s named Uncharted Stars. It’s about a seventeen year old whose parents are killed while doing a public speech by a lunatic when he is at the age of four, leaving him an insecure quiet introvert whose only hobbies are playing the piano and studying (well, studying isn’t really a hobby, but you get what I mean). However, when he reaches Grade 11, the school student council presidency becomes vacant and there are no applicants for the job- and the teachers pick him as the new President.

I’m still in the planning stage of both novels, but the first chapters should be up soon. I’m really excited to be writing something new, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading both novels. Thanks for reading.


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