Dancers and a Dictator: Synchronized Swimming

Recently I was the so-called ‘dictator’ of my class’s synchronized swimming performance.

At first I’d intended not to write anything on my class’s synchronized swimming performance here on my blog, because of 3 reasons:26:3

  1. Usually I don’t write that much about what I actually ‘do’ in school on here.
  2. It happened last week.
  3. Nobody outside my class cares.

But like, you know, I’m busy this week (actually, I’m always busy, so maybe this isn’t a valid excuse) and I haven’t had time to think of what to post, and last week, I was also busy and I already wrote a real crappy post that shouldn’t have even been posted, and I didn’t have time to think of anything more creative to post about (because writing a post itself already takes quite a bit of my time) and this is quickly becoming a run-on sentence so here’s a full stop…there. Anyway, yeah. I think you understand.

Before I begin the annals of my reign as dictator, however, I should explain a bit about what ‘synchronized swimming’ is. I’ll call it sync swim from here on. Sync swimming is simply a performance in the pool where everyone is synchronized together. It’s an olympic sport (I believe) and usually it’s done by women, and it’s all very ballet-like. HOWEVER, at my school, over the years ‘sync swimming’ has mutated to become more and more similar to simply ‘swimming together and dancing in the pool for everyone to see!’ And traditionally, it’s always been the eighth grade that gets to do this wonderful challenge to perform in front of the secondary school.

Yeah, a dictator. Sorta like this one. (Image Source)

Another thing to say is that I am the so-called ‘dictator’ of my class. (If I were reading this to you I’d be making the rabbit ear quote signs and going like “QUOTE UNQUOTE DICTATOR”). It’s a long story about why, but yeah. I guess I could write about this one day but then that’d warrant a post all to itself.

Anyway, it wasn’t much of a surprise when the class insisted that I direct this sync swim performance, and I led the first four PE classes dedicated for synchronized swimming; they were all wasted in useless arguing and unexciting swimming. I was doing quite a lot of shouting at people, which I’m not that good at to be honest, although I tend to do quite a lot when I’m near the ‘rage’ point.

We decided that something had to change.

A friend of mine decided that to infuse the show with new life, something was needed. It did not take long to find something. A few weeks back, I had been sent a certain music video by a certain Bulgarian artist that was both very disturbing and hilarious at the same time. It quickly became a hit in my class, and I’d love to show it on here but it’s not all that appropriate so no. It was decided that the song would be used as part of a medley for the sync swim show. Being the more mainstream person that I was, at first I was skeptical, not least because I didn’t fancy talking to the principal after the show that much, but after my friend’s promise that he would talk to the principal for me should anything happen, I gave the nod.

It did indeed give new life to the show, with my friend’s dancing moves creating a general stir of excitement. We created moves for another song, The Wanted’s hit, Glad You came.

Credits to my PE teacher for this awesome poster!
Credits to my PE teacher for this awesome poster!

Afterwards, news came out of Psy’s new single, Gentleman. We decided to use THAT too. Although now I think that Gentleman really wasn’t that much of a hit, at least compared to Gangnam Style, the whole school did know it, and it was a nice way to get cheers. Afterwards, we chose a Thai cover of the German song ‘Dschingis Khan’, which was rather upbeat and a good way to end the show.

Basically, our strategy was not really with how well we swam, but how crazy we were. And I liked that strategy. 😀

When the day came for the final performance, I was basically worrying my butt off about if whether or not it was going to come out fine (we had not rehearsed well- I’d forced the class to do three rehearsals in a row before the performance, but there was only so much swimming you can do before becoming too tired). I also watched the other class’s performance before mine, and I was going like omgwattheyhavethistheyhavethattheycandothistheycandothat.

Finally, we were called up for the performance. I don’t know how to describe it in words, so instead, I’ll give you a video (my class’s performance starts at 6:45):

Yeah. If you watched to the end of the video, you’ll find out that we managed to win. And we also did lots of crazy stuff along the way, including weird dancing, shirt-ripping and forming a Mongol army in the pool. It was all very interesting.

So yeah. It was cool being a sync swim dictator. I did learn that:

  • Shouting at people is not that fun when you have to do it too many times.
  • Think different. The weirder the better. (Okay, maybe this isn’t always true, but still).
  • “Do what you want because a pirate is free- you are a pirate”.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading.


P.S I’ll try to get Uncharted Stars Chapter 3 out by Sunday. Thank you for being such patient readers. ❤

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  1. Why did you post our sync swim on your blog B(

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