Back to Scriptwriting

I’m back to my yearly scriptwriting project.

No new Uncharted Stars chapter today, sorry. I’ll spend a bit of time on this post talking about Uncharted Stars. I haven’t had time to Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 8.13.11 PMwrite Uncharted Stars, and I only completed one sentence over the span of this past week. I try to get two posts out, and it takes much longer for me to write a new chapter than for me to write a post, which is why I decided I’d write another post today.

And why haven’t I had time to write Uncharted Stars? It’s because I’m doing scriptwriting right now. Every year, my school has something called the ‘Festival of Epic Awesomeness’. Formerly known as Performance and Presentation Day, basically, what happens is all the students get to join into groups and do whatever they want and show it off to the school. It’s that simple. Usually I do a movie. For two years in a row, I made a ghost movie, one of which succeeded and one of which completely flopped. This year, I’m changing it up and instead I’ll be writing a comedy.

Here’s the basic plot of my yet to be titled move:

When a rural teenager’s father dies in an accident, his mother takes out her life savings to pay for a year of education at KIS International School for her son, so that her son can receive quality education for a year before returning home  to continue his father’s grass jelly business. Hilarity ensues when the young, inexperienced rural enters the crazy world of KIS International School.

Yeah, that’s the basic premise. I’m currently in the middle of writing the script, and it’s not easy because I have finals next week and I have work to do, but then if I don’t do the script now then I’d never have time to finish it before the Festival of Epic Awesomeness. So yeah, I do have quite a bit of stuff to be doing.

A problem I’m having with writing a comedy, however, is that the fact that I’m really conscious about my work is setting in. I’m halfway through and I start having doubts about the whole plot. Is it funny enough? Are people gonna laugh? Or is it gonna totally flop? I don’t want another failure. (Okay, not that anyone wants failures). Sometimes I’m not sure if whether or not this is a good thing. It’s good to be reflective while writing, but then being too reflective means that you don’t have the courage to keep writing because you’re too scared of your audience/reader.

Once again, I have to remember Ernest Hemingway’s amazing quote that I keep referring back to on this post.

Gotta ignore the conventions while writing and come back and edit later. 😀

Alright. I’ll try my hardest to get time to write Uncharted Stars and get Chapter 3 out before the end of next week, but I won’t promise because I do have quite a bit on my hands right now. Also, I may not be posting much for the next two weeks, because I’ll be busy with revisions for finals and all that. I’ll also make sure I share my movie on this blog once it’s finished.

Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Back to Scriptwriting

  1. rajat coughs out tons of coke


    1. Or maybe not. On second thoughts it’ll be too messy.

  2. is that my name beside KK?

  3. Don’t think about what other people while you’re writing. Our own voices are hard enough to turn off, so don’t add more. Just write and have fun doing it!

    1. Well said. Thanks for reading! 😀

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