An (Not) Exciting Tale of Term Breaks

I’ve been enjoying my term break so far. Sort of.

There’s a common theme in all term breaks, and it’s in the timeline of it. Here’s how I divide term breaks: there are three major periods to it. First, there’s the time when the break just ends, where you’re pretty exhausted from all the exams and schoolwork that when you realize the break has come you feel like:

But it’s a feeling that wears down quickly. Here’s a thing about term breaks and school. While you’re in school, you’re pretty occupied with schoolwork, right? You want to squeeze all the free time out as much as possible because there’s not so much of it. During the break…well, sometimes there’s just nothing to do 😉 . And so after about the first day of the break, you enter the second feeling phase where you collapse into interminable boredom that overwhelms you and actually makes you want to go to school. Sort of. There’s still the very popular fantasy and what-ifs scenario that concerns having a school where there’s no work but there are friends. I feel like this gets brought up by someone every term break, anyway.

The last phase, then, is when you’re starting to get a hang of the breaks and actually find stuff to do. (Wow, how interesting). But then, of course, that’s when the term breaks near to a close and you begin to think to yourself: what the hell i dont even’t want school i just want to keep staying here lying down on my sofa but then it’s too late because you’ve already spent your entire break being bored and now it’s time go back and face a massive tsunami of homework again.

I guess that right now I’m in the second phase and starting to go into the third, according to my own self-created-not-proven-by-scientific-research term break timeline, but I’ll be deep in the third phase in a few weeks, I’m sure. 😉 In any case, I’ve been spending too much time lying on sofas doing nothing anyway (which is actually quite enjoyable). I’ve also been doing quite a bit of writing this term break (as I usually do).

My goal was to get up to Chapter 15 of Uncharted Stars by the end of the break, but I’m actually not quite sure if I can do this considering the speed that I’ve been writing at (basically, a tiny bit faster than during schooltime). I’m enjoying it. Uncharted Stars isn’t a hard novel to write. mostly because it’s set in school and I am in school so I know what I’m talking about. There’s also that moment when you’re starting to feel a bond with your own self-made characters :P. That said, Uncharted Stars does sometimes leave me a tiny bit unsatisfied, because there’s so little excitement and action in there and I like excitement and action. This makes me want to go back and rewrite my old novel Revolution: Rise of Darkness that was finished but I haven’t had time to edit it yet, but it’s so crappy I think I should do a complete rewrite. So yeah, if you’re a fan of my fiction (not sure how many ‘fans’ I have out there; they probably amount to about 3 people) be sure to be waiting for that. No promises though, because my main focus is still on Uncharted Stars (and I should have Chapter 8 out pretty soon).

Another thing is that I’ve been teaming up with a few friends to start a nice popular history website called History Republic, which you can check out here. So far I’ve only written one post there about the Varangian Guards, but there’ll be more to come certainly. There’s also other posts by my friends which are pretty interesting too.

Thanks for reading.


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