Back to School

I’ve been gone from this blog for some time. Well, I’m back to school.

I realize I haven’t posted on this blog for a short while. Well…I’m becoming a bit more busy than I’ve been. School has just started for me, and since I’m not done with the next chapter of Uncharted Stars yet, I thought I could talk a little about that.

It’s not like life is a sudden dramatic change. Well, there’s a sort of dramatic change. Term breaks are good honeymoon period times where I get to sleep till whenever the heck I want and I won’t be ‘late’ for anything. That’s like the best best best best thing in the worldddd like seriously…and then there’s the rest of the day where I also choose what the heck I want to do.

Sweet life, isn’t it. Well, term changes all that.

But when I’m talking about ‘dramatic changes’, I’m talking about like, you know, a big change in life. A new school year isn’t a big change in life. It’s just school god damnit, although sometimes when I think about it, there’s only four years left in school for me and sometimes it feels a bit weird sometimes. It’s hard to imagine a life without school. 

Not like I have to think about that quite yet. Anyway, life back in school isn’t bad. The classes are good, I like the teachers and it’s nice to see everyone again. It’s also going to mean that I’m going to be flooded in work pretty soon, of course, which means I’ll have less time for other things…and that includes writing.

So yeah. I’ll be posting here a little less.

I’ll try to get the next chapter of Uncharted Stars out by about tomorrow, or maybe Sunday. Oh, and remember that I’m also working for The Forum, and if you haven’t read it yet, I wrote a short story called Memento Mori for them.

Cya later.


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