My Writing Process: Blog Tour- November 2013

I’ve been asked to do this by a couple of my friends. I don’t have that much time this week, because I have a load of assessments and stuff coming in and to be honest I don’t really feel like writing a bunch of stuff on here anyway…but apparently a friend, who already did this thing, really wants me to do it. Fine with me, but I want a time refund. This post is, basically, just me answering random questions about my writing. So let’s get to it.

What am I working on? Right now? Not much, basically. For the past few weeks I’ve been really lazy busy and I haven’t been doing much writing at all, because I don’t have the motivation time  wait yeah motivation no actually it’s time both the motivation and time. I used to be writing a novel called Uncharted Stars, but I’ve sorta given up of that. Hey, come on, writers are allowed to fail, most of the time ;). It’s a young adult fiction novel that follows as a quiet introvert has to confront with his personality problems that arose after his mother was killed in a tragic accident. In fact, I’m thinking of finding ways in which I can revise this. I really do like the premise of this story, but the details just aren’t working out. I’ll probably try to find a way to rewrite this. From time to time I also work on some short stories. The story Flood Patrol is my latest, although one that I particularly like is Dividing the Spoils. A friend of mine also started a series on the French Revolution, and when he’s busy I help out.

How does my work differ from others of its genre? This is a tricky question for me to answer. The first thing is that I don’t really have a clear genre and my writing is spread all over the place. The writing I do spans everything from young adult to horror to historical fiction. The second tricky thing about this is that I’m not even sure how my work differs. Sure, I get praise and positive feedback (every writer lives for that don’t they) from time to time, but I’m not quite sure what my ‘style’ is yet. It’d be interesting to answer these questions again in maybe a year to see where I am.

Why do I write what I do? Another tricky question. It’s funny, because if my works are spread in so many genres, then why do I write the stuff that I do? There’s some things I consider when I’m thinking about things like plot. Will it be a good story? Will it be completely useless or have some meaning behind it? These are a few things I think about.

How does your writing process work? There’s something known as a writing process, and while I don’t intentionally follow it with effort, it’s pretty intuitive and following along helps. The process consists of prewriting, writing, editing, and then publishing. Prewriting is very difficult for me. It consists of brainstorming any plot ideas that I have, or researching into what I need, and outlining my structure. This takes the longest time. The writing itself might only take one or two hours for me to finish, while prewriting can take up to days. I barely do any editing. This isn’t a good thing, and I want to change that, but often when I’m done writing something I just want to hit the ‘Publish’ button and at most I’ll read through what I’ve written once, although sometimes I go back to make changes after I’ve published (which isn’t something I could do if I was a real published author). I do have a notebook where I write down all my ideas and outlines; it’s pretty handy.

So yup, that’s it. Thanks to Joe for asking me to do this. I’ll be coming back to write more here later about my future plans.

Thanks for reading.


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