February Update

Hello. I haven’t written much about my writing status and things like that lately so maybe it’s time for a post on that.

My posts have been very political lately. The highly polarized, prolonged and increasingly tense conflict is becoming something that I feel must be written about. The protesters do not seem to have enough English language writers that get their side of the story across. However, I don’t mean to alienate anyone with these posts, so if you feel that way I apologize. Differing political views should be able to coexist.

In any case, I’m going to be going back to some of my fiction writing. Expect a few short stories from me, as I’ve made a promise to a friend that I’ll write at least two romances this month due to Valentine’s Day. I’m not that comfortable and experienced with love stories and such, however, and I’ve only written one, maybe two, real ‘love’ stories and for me it’s not easy. It’s still a new experience.

Next week, I’ll be cut off from the internet completely as I’ll be going on school residential trips, this year to the ancient city of Sukhothai. This means that I may not get much writing out this month at all, unless I actually try (which I will, but no guarantees). I’m expecting a pretty good time there.

On another note, over at History Republic I just started a series on the Punic Wars last week. That might be of interest for some of you, and the next installation should be out before the end of this week.



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