Every once in a while I just write about what I’m thinking on this blog, and I guess this is one of those times. I just like to use this opportunity just to think and reflect about my writing thus far and also about where I want to go next.

Most of the time, life never allows for you to do anything according to a ‘perfect’ plan, and so often you fall short of your goals. Just a month back, I’d written that I’d get started on writing a novel. I was so sure that I’d be back into the realm of fiction, after so long away for it.

A little more than a month later, I find that instead of starting a novel I’ve published three more political opinion pieces.

I was so busy this past few weeks. I coordinated the hosting of a class concert, ‘#RESONANCE’. Then a massive tidal wave of assignments came, along with final exams. The next few days were then spent simply wrapping up the school year.

I ended up writing no fiction at all.

It’s exactly why I say life never goes as you plan.

To be fair to myself, Thai politics has simply been a little too interesting lately. I guess the escalating situation did warrant for a little over a combined total of five thousand words to be written about it, and it’s not like I haven’t found any success with being an amateur political commentator either. The last three pieces I’ve written are my most-viewed posts ever. I’m happy to see such support for what is probably, in comparison to real newspaper articles, amateurish writing and analysis.

But I’ve always wanted to write more fiction. In a way, the lack of publicity about my fiction can be attributed to the fact that I simply don’t write enough of it. I very rarely publish new short stories, and I scrapped my last novel since late last year. In fact, I haven’t written any fiction at all since April 4. That’s a long enough hiatus for fiction writing. I’ll be back soon. I already have an idea floating in my head; after all, the fact that this year is the centenary of the start of the First World War means that the ‘war to end all wars’ probably deserves at least a short story here.

The hardest part about writing fiction may be just how hard it is to plan, and how hard it is to motivate yourself to write. Writing fiction is a tasking, difficult thing to do. To me, it just feels like it takes so much more brainpower and willpower just to write a couple of sentences than to write a non-fiction text.

But the fact that I’ll also be having term breaks in a few days also really helps. I’m really excited to having so much more of my time freed up from school. I’ll have much more time to write, even if given how lazy I am. We’ll see what results from that…



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