In For a New Round

The golden rule of writing is supposed to be ‘just keep writing’- ‘it takes time to find your voice and style’ – ‘practice makes perfect’. To be honest I’m really not sure if that’s happening to me. Maybe it’s that I’m one of the exceptions to the classic wisdom that the older you grow, the more experience you accumulate, the wiser you get. Or it’s because I’m not writing enough. Probably the latter. Perhaps the former. I don’t know.

The fact still stands, however, that I’m not sure where I’m going with my writing. Am I becoming more ‘confident’ with my style and voice? Not really. If I was asked to explain my ‘writing style’, I wouldn’t know what to say. That’s not to say that I’m not changing or developing as a writer. While there’s no subconscious feel of evolution when I write, once I look back at things I wrote just maybe two years ago and what I have now, there really is a change. It’s good to know that writing is dynamic, not static.

I’ve signed up for WattPad. WattPad is like the YouTube of writing, and while it’s difficult to actually gain a huge readership on there, I think it’ll be a fun platform to explore. Because of this, from now on any new fiction works that I write will probably end up being posted both on here and on WattPad. This is my WattPad profile page. Yes, I’ve posted three old short stories up; I’ll publish the rest later.

But as for the direction I’m heading, of the actual content I want to post on WattPad- I’m still not sure. I’ve written in many posts for months now that I want to start a novel. I still do. Finishing a novel is still one of my longtime goals and I’m not going to drop it. When I will get to start, however, is another question. A new school year has started, and while during the term breaks I can draw up grandiose plans of all the things I’m going to write and everything I’m going to explore, my choices become severely much more limited when term starts. Time is a remarkably finite resource indeed.

The problem is there’s just so many things I want to try out. I still believe that while short stories don’t have much of an audience, they’re still a great way to explore other genres and just be experimental in general. I probably will keep writing new short stories, but don’t expect them to be as much of a focus as they were before. I also feel like trying my hand out at fanfiction. Writing should be original, that much is true, but maybe fanfiction might do me some good. I don’t know about that yet, and I won’t know unless I try.

In terms of nonfiction, you might notice that I’ve been reblogging things over from Publish Your Mind and History Republic lately. PYM I no longer work for, sadly, but History Republic has recently gotten itself a domain-! I’ll be posting there regularly over there with history articles and also analysis of current events. Thai politics I probably won’t be writing about too much; things have calmed down and there just isn’t much to whine about anymore on here.

And so, once again, while I am still lost in the realm of fiction, I do have a bit of sense of where I’m going when it comes to non fiction. This year, I’m really going to try to make my writing regular; which means that there are regular times in which my writing comes out, not just whenever I feel like it. I want a writing schedule, so to speak. I’ll see how my WattPad experiment goes, explore new fiction writing and just have fun. I’m in for a new round.




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