Rambling Excuses

Wow. I haven’t been writing anything on here for around two months now, and that’s a pretty long time to be gone from writing.I don’t even know if it’s worthwhile anymore for me to make these posts on this blog that says something like, “I’m planning to write _______!” The fact is that whenever I write these posts, I feel good about myself for about three minutes and afterwards I don’t actually ever follow up. For example, I’ve been proclaiming to the world repeatedly that “I want to write a novel!” and I never actually do it.

To be fair to myself, it’s a sad fact that these days almost all the writing I do is for school, but I’m not sure how much of a choice I have. There’s usually not enough time left in a day for me to do serious writing, and even when there is I might not even feel like writing at all. ManageBac has been blood red for me lately because of the insane amount of assessments, and honestly there’s just no time to actually sit down and really concentrate on writing. Again, even when there’s time I’m too exhausted to write. So yes, Ken has been gone from the writing world.

These are just excuses, of course, to make myself feel better for not having written anything at all in so long. I’ll see if I can write something this month. I want to, at least.

One response to “Rambling Excuses”

  1. Maybe you need to work on your intention to be something more manageable? Like writing very small observations on politics, social groups, characterizations -things that could be collected and edited later as material for a novel… bite sized snacks of writing.
    But you need commitment and perseverance… An art needs to be practiced or it becomes dull.

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