Father of the Nation


It is, once again, December 5th: Father’s Day in Thailand. Every time this day comes around, scanning through the newspapers or turning on the TV will show you the same images: thousands wearing yellow, lining on the streets, waiting through the night. Thousands of articles and messages of well-wishing, of which this post is only one.

For any figure to inspire such deep admiration, love and loyalty is rare. As such, it is a testament to the recognition of the King’s great commitment and dedication to the Thai people throughout his long reign that his people all forget their political differences and unite together on one day to show their respect for the monarch.

Indeed, this is a day to remember the King’s work for the country. His thousands of royal projects, his principles of moderation and morality and his unwavering commitment to the poor; these are only some examples of why Thais love their king so much.  Let us all join together and celebrate the birthday of the father of the nation today.

Long live the King! 






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