Just a few status updates. Three days, into a new academic year at school, and I have entered  firmly uncharted territory. For one, I’m starting the IB Diploma programme, which supposedly is one of the most rigorous high school academic programmes you can find. I don’t know about that quite yet, but I do know that higher level math and physics is making me feel dumber than I ever thought I could feel. I suspect that it will get worse. It’s a big change and it’s going to take some time to get used to it.

There may also be changes coming to the format of this blog. In the past two years, I’ve written posts that are typically each very long and detailed, and they would be published with intervals of months and month between them. While I still want to keep writing long and detailed analysis, posts where I can take time to fully flesh out my thoughts, I also want to write more regular, shorter posts. Maybe these could be brief commentaries; I’m not quite sure yet. I certainly haven’t written anything about Thai politics for a long time, mostly because I don’t want to keep repeating my views on what is a relatively stagnant political situation, but I think that I’d have enough to write about in shorter posts.

I’ll be releasing the third post in my ‘Into the Era of Multipolarity’ series quite soon. Until then, that’s it from me for now!






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