In Remembrance of His Majesty

King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away today at Siriraj Hospital. He reigned for 70 years and 126 days.

Today, Thailand has lost a king who has reigned over this country for seven decades. But Thailand has not only lost a king. It has also lost a unifying symbol who steadfastly upheld the tenfold virtues while becoming the heart and soul of a nation. It has lost a monarch who reigned as a pillar of stability through times of turmoil. And it has lost a visionary who tirelessly dedicated himself to the development of his country. It is with genuine emotion and grief that Thais mourn the passing of His Majesty the King.

Few Thais remember life under a different king. For all of us, today truly marks an end of an era. But even if a reign must come to an end, the legacy of King Bhumibol must be remembered. We must continue working towards realising his dream of a peaceful and prosperous Thailand.

May His Majesty rest in peace.






2 responses to “In Remembrance of His Majesty”

  1. Shubhada Avatar

    Captured in the words- all the emotions.

  2. In Remembrance of His Majesty – KIS Today Avatar

    […] via In Remembrance of His Majesty — Ken L. […]

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