This Blog in 2017

Happy new year! Entering 2017, I think that it’s worth taking some time to write about the direction I want to be heading with this blog, along with using this occasional opportunity to write about something other than politics. 

First off, the most important thing to note is that 2017 is an important year for me personally because I will finally be graduating from high school. I used the word ‘finally’ a little hesitantly, of course: there is much to love and cherish about school life, and I think that entering university is one time where you can use the phrase ‘taking a leap into the dark’ and mean it. But it would also be a lie if I said that I look forward to the final curve in the long and arduous path towards graduation: revision, mock exams, final exams and all that.

Unfortunately, looking forward to it or not, there is no skipping the process. In practical terms, this means that I am more or less going to be putting my blog in hiatus for almost half a year. At first I’d toyed with the idea of actually putting up a sticky post saying that this blog would be in an official hiatus, but I decided against it after I realised that I may be tempted to make a few quick posts. Overall, however, this blog will not be at its epitome of activity in the run-up to May. In a way, it is a bit of a shame. I personally think that with the events that transpired last year, global affairs is at its most interesting in at least a decade, and writers do feed off (for better or for worse) interesting events.

With the uncertainty surrounding how much I can actually write in the first half of this year, I think that it’s best for me not to actually have any of the ‘writing goals’ that I usually set in January. In any case, as with most New Year’s Resolution-type things, these usually end in failure, forgotten and laid in a grave within months if not weeks. I have to say that I did achieve my goal of posting more frequently and consistently last year, if not with bringing more topics and experimentation with post formats. (This year I am probably dropping all 3, even if not really by choice).

Overall, I look forward to another year of writing– even if not as consistently as before. As always, thank you for joining the ride in previous years, thank you for your support and see you through this year!







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