Bangkok Post: ‘The Underestimated Impact of Student Initiatives’

I recently was invited to speak at the US Recent Admits Forum in Bangkok, where I had a chance to share my experience about the college applications process. I’ve also been featured in the Bangkok Post! The article, titled ‘The Underestimated Impact of Student Initiatives’, was written by Kengo Shigeta and can be found here.

An example of such a meaningful student initiative comes from Ken Lohatepanont, a recent graduate from KIS International School, who aspired to create lasting and meaningful change for the entire nation. During the 2013-2014 Thai political crisis, Ken began to take an interest in politics and began writing about his perspectives on the issues on a blog (, which received a lot of attention on social media. From this, he was given the opportunity to visit Parliament and attend a meeting of the public relations subcommittee of the Constitution Drafting Committee. Inspired by the passion and commitment to national reform that he saw from that meeting, Ken took part in the subcommittee’s social media team, where he helped write articles to explain the workings of the draft constitution; the goal was to increase political engagement and understanding of the draft constitution.

Although this draft was later rejected by the National Legislative Assembly, Ken was able to promote political conservation on the national level. In the past two years Ken has continued writing his blog, with a mission to continue informing his readers about local and globally significant political developments. For this, he was recognised by the BBC, and was subsequently interviewed by BBC radio regarding the Erawan Shrine bombing of 2015. Ken continues to actively blog with the belief that writing can facilitate positive political and social change on a local and global scale.







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