Reflections and Updates

Hi everyone!  

It’s mid-semester, I have midterms I need to study for, life is keeping me busier than ever and I have no time (for now) to write on this blog. My slow pace is visible – I’ve only posted twice since the start of sophomore year! In any case, I felt that it would be a good idea just to share some stuff that I’ve been up to.

At the end of August, I answered some questions about college life on KIS Today. This was really fun and it’s always interesting to put myself in the shoes of a high school college applicant once again. 

Earlier this month, I was also a guest on Michael Waitze’s globeChang(e) podcast. This podcast series is a part of UniGlo, which is a student-run organization dedicated to empowering students in Thailand with the knowledge they need to succeed in international college applications. (You should check them out – they’re run by some of the smartest, most committed people I know who are absolutely passionate about education). You can check out this episode on Michael Waitze’s website; it’s also available on iTunes and SoundCloud. 

Finally, I was inspired by my friend Karen Ni to create a ‘Now’ page to capture everything I’m up to and what my priorities are at any given point in time. You can see my Now page here! 

Hopefully after this second wave of midterms are over, I’ll have more time to write and perhaps continue writing for the Thailand in Crisis series. Otherwise, until later! 






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