Abolish the Primary Vote

My piece for Thai Enquirer:

As the spirited debate over constitutional amendments continues across the country, a hopeful consensus is gradually emerging. The opposition has finally been able to unite around a single motion on what they want to see amended. The government and even some senators are beginning to hear the music. 

This discussion is rightfully centered around Sections 256 and Section 272 of the military drafted charger. The two clauses focuses on the power of the Senate to appoint the prime minister.

Pheu Thai has also proposed amending the electoral system, ending the bizarre formula currently used to calculate party list seats from a single ballot and returning to the use of two ballots.

Absent from these discussions, however, is another section that is also highly problematic. It is Section 45, which states: “there must be a law on the administration of political parties which requires transparency and scrutiny, and allows party members to participate in the formulation of policies and candidate selection for elections.” 

Click here for the full piece.

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