Preventing a Second Coronavirus wave Is a Duty for All Thais

My piece for Thai Enquirer:

“I’m going to lose my marbles,” a friend messaged me while quarantined in a hotel room. “…if I have to lockdown here. I came back to escape that!” 

He had spent most of the year studying in Canada, hunkering down in Vancouver as cases began climbing throughout the fall. Finally, taking advantage of a lull before finals, he had flown home to Bangkok, eager to re-experience a world without social distancing. 

Only, of course, to find out in quarantine that Thailand has begun registering local transmission cases once again. 

It’s easy for us in Thailand to have put this pandemic on the back of our minds as our attention shifted to other pressing issues: the ongoing political tension and the economic crisis that has beset a nation in isolation.

Click here for the full piece.






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