Thai Politics in 2020: A Year in Review

In a country obsessed with oracles and fortune telling, few are more famous than one prophecy on Thailand’s political future. It has existed for years — some claim to have first read it in the 1980s — and continues to resurface periodically on the internet.

Written as poetry, the prophecy predicted that as the ninth reign nears a close, a political crisis will envelop the nation. Riots, the prophecy said, will happen, leading to bloodshed. Political division will be immense and the nation will be difficult to govern.

But the poem ends on a positive note. “Siam will become civilized, standing up after a great storm,” it declares. The masses will lead the country towards “a new era of the people.”

The country’s problems will cease. And so, “with faith, Thailand will exit the crisis, once the sky is golden and bright.” 

Click here to read the full piece.

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