The Longer, but Not Better, Telegram

On January 28th, the Atlantic Council published “The Longer Telegram”, written by an anonymous author described as a former senior government official with extensive experience dealing with China. Its source of inspiration is, as its name suggests, no other than the Long Telegram, the article that set forth America’s national strategy of containment written by diplomat  George F. Kennan. Except, of course, the Longer Telegram’s target is not the now-deceased Soviet Union but rather China, America’s new great power competitor. 

That the article has come under deep scrutiny is unsurprising, given that it seeks to set the tone of American grand strategy for its greatest geopolitical challenge in this century. One criticism, of course, is already obvious — why afford the writer the opportunity to cosplay Kennan given that they are no longer in office? — but let us leave aside the stylistic choices and focus on the content. 

Click here to read the full piece at Thai Enquirer.

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