Bureaucratic System Must Move Faster to Tackle COVID Crisis

Governor Weerasak Wijitsaengsri of Samut Sakhon recently announced the expediting of the process in which COVID-19 patients in the province could be transferred to community facilities to await hospital treatment. In the past, the governor explained, a number of official regulations had made such a transfer a lengthy process. Now, however, these regulations were to be amended.

“If a regulation will cause people to die because there is no place for the sick to be isolated, then we must overcome those regulations,” he declared on his Facebook page. “Let’s make it clear: what’s more important, regulations or deaths?” 

Governor Weerasak knows from personal experience how dangerous the coronavirus can be. Only a few months ago, he had fought it off after spending more than forty days on a ventilator. The fact that he now acts with urgency to ensure that as many others are protected from that same disease is highly worthy of praise. 

Unfortunately, the bureaucratic system in Thailand as a whole does not operate with quite the same speed. 

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