The Deity ‘Pepsi Challenge’: King Clovis and His Gods

A post I wrote for History Republic, using a Pepsi Challenge analogy for gods.


The Pepsi Challenge was a successful marketing campaign mounted by Pepsi based on blind tests using Coke and Pepsi, where people would tell the better-tasting brand of cola. Imagine for a moment, though, of a speculative scenario- what if people took part in the Deity Challenge? The basis would be pretty simple- try believing in a couple of gods, see which of them makes your life most successful. Truth be told, it isn’t all that speculative; although not quite in the Pepsi Challenge style, the Frankish king Clovis did give the Christian god a challenge.

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Thoughts on the iOS 7 Redesign

There's a lot of criticism of iOS 7 about the new, simpler design: here's my take on it. Ever since the launch of the iPhone, Apple's never really made any major changes to the iOS. It's been pretty much the same thing ever since: a panel of icons, a blue-ish interface, and a design that [...]

Bow Down to Kim Jong-un: Thoughts on North Korea

Here's a few thoughts on the Hermit Kingdom. North Korea has been in the news lately, mostly because of Pyongyang's world-class rhetoric. Although it has been toned down as tensions in Korea ease, what has been said already is pretty awesome. Really, if you want to learn some good war rhetoric you need to go [...]

Noodles, Temples and Cable Cars: A Trip to Hong Kong

I'm just back from a trip to the buzzing metropolis of Hong Kong! It's not my first trip to Hong Kong- but since my first trips were when I was young, innocent and unable to remember much- this is kinda like a first trip. Hong Kong is an ex-British colony, made up of the Kowloon [...]

The Novels I’m Starting…

It's been some time since I had time to write a real 'new' post on this blog (eg. not taking old content and posting it again)...but I'm back! I am still a rather busy person (and will continue to be for the rest of my life...I guess) but anyway first off I want to talk [...]

Sestina Poem- A Glorious Massacre

I haven't posted in some time- I've been in a flood of homework recently. I'm going to be having my term break soon, however, so I'll finally get around to writing again soon. Anyway, just to have some new content here, I decided to post a poem I wrote for English class a few days [...]

Short Story- Just a Dream

I've been incredibly busy these past few weeks. Barely had time to write anything new at all. So, I'll take a never-published old short story to post here this week.JUST A DREAMJames teared the envelope and slowly pulled out the paper inside. His hand trembled as he read his returned university application form. Another page had been [...]

Cutting Back, Freeing Time

We live incredibly busy lives and I'm no different. 24 hours is all the time that we're given in one day. And the 24 hours is partitioned up so that there's barely any free time. We'll do the math. Say, we sleep for at least eight hours. That leaves us with 16. I go to school from [...]

Rewriting Novels?

As you may or may not know, a while back (well, a long while back) I finished my novel, Revolution: Rise of Darkness. To recap, here's how I summarized my novel:A group of teenagers go on a school camping trip into the national park. They go off to the forest, and return to their camp simply [...]

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