Short Story: Descending Higher

This short story was originally posted on the site Publish Your Mind. Unfortunately, as PYM has since been closed down, I have decided to repost this short story on here. The story's original publishing date, June 28th 2014, was the centenary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which would trigger what was back then the [...]

Junta Sailing Through Dangerous Waters

In both internal and foreign policy, the military government is facing challenges. Indeed, the junta is sailing through dangerous waters, with two important tests for the government in both internal and foreign policy.  Sunday evening, February 1. The Siam Paragon department mall is Bangkok is the busiest shopping mall in Thailand, perhaps even in mainland [...]

Frustrated Japanophilia

There was once this Japanese TV show from a while ago that showed Japanese people coming on a visit to Thailand, where they had a chance to board a Thai train going out into the countryside. Their faces were filled with excitement. Exclaiming with delight, the Japanese tourists seemed to be extremely happy to get [...]

Father of the Nation

It is, once again, December 5th: Father's Day in Thailand. Every time this day comes around, scanning through the newspapers or turning on the TV will show you the same images: thousands wearing yellow, lining on the streets, waiting through the night. Thousands of articles and messages of well-wishing, of which this post is only [...]

Placing Hopes in Prime Minister Prayuth

It was rare enough to ever see General Prayuth wear something in public that was not his military uniform, and him in parliament was probably something never seen before. Only a few days later after his first address to the National Legislative Assembly, he would be nominated by that parliament as the 29th Prime Minister [...]

In For a New Round

The golden rule of writing is supposed to be 'just keep writing'- 'it takes time to find your voice and style' - 'practice makes perfect'. To be honest I'm really not sure if that's happening to me. Maybe it's that I'm one of the exceptions to the classic wisdom that the older you grow, the more experience [...]

Short Story: Perpetual Agony

Short Story: Perpetual Agony Sapporo, Japan - 2048 A.D I played a final arpeggios to end the song, before standing up and bowing deeply to the general. General Sato’s guests clapped, and so did the general himself. “What a prodigy! He’s only sixteen, yet he plays the piano so well!” I heard someone saying. Such [...]

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