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  • #PrayForParis


    Terrorist attacks are probably among the most merciless, most cowardly acts that can be employed. It is the intentional involvement and killing of innocent civilians, who are given no chance to respond. Its sole purpose is to use pure bloodshed to make an evil statement. The attacks on Paris that happened Friday night are terrible,…

  • An Angry American Election

    An Angry American Election

    We’re around a year away from the election of America’s new chief executive, and I thought that it would be interesting to express some thoughts about it.

  • Into the Era of Multipolarity: The Resurgence of Russia

    Into the Era of Multipolarity: The Resurgence of Russia

    This is the second post in a multipart series analysing how the world is moving towards a multipolar era. Last time, the rise of China was discussed , and so in this post we will look at the resurgence of another former world power that is currently pushing back against worldwide Western influence: Russia. Memories of…

  • Into the Era of Multipolarity: The Rise of China

    Into the Era of Multipolarity: The Rise of China

    It has been a long time since the world has seen any nation other than the United States hold a true ‘world power’ status. No country has been able to challenge it, and especially since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, the world has grown accustomed to an age of unipolarity, with…

  • Frustrated Japanophilia

    Frustrated Japanophilia

    There was once this Japanese TV show from a while ago that showed Japanese people coming on a visit to Thailand, where they had a chance to board a Thai train going out into the countryside. Their faces were filled with excitement. Exclaiming with delight, the Japanese tourists seemed to be extremely happy to get…

  • Hong Kong’s Impossible Battle

    Hong Kong’s Impossible Battle

    Hong Kong’s protesters are demanding full democracy, but they are fighting what is probably an impossible battle.

  • As Protests Continue, Thaksin’s Power Erodes

    As Protests Continue, Thaksin’s Power Erodes

    ‘I came from elections’, ‘the majority chose me’; these are some of the favorite catchphrases of Yingluck Shinawatra. Indeed, constant and predictable victory in national elections is where the Thaksin regime derives its legitimacy. Despite the fact that democracy is so much more than just voting at the election booth, the government continues to position…

  • Towards Reform: Thailand’s Protests

    Towards Reform: Thailand’s Protests

    The antigovernment protests in Thailand are massive, by any standard. It’s hard to find a protest in any other country that would equal Thailand’s current round of protests in terms of numbers. The car-filled streets of Bangkok are a distant dream, because on a protest day, they’d be swelled with protesters , blowing their whistles…

  • Thailand: the Political Mess

    Thailand: the Political Mess

    Politics isn’t a subject that I’ve ever brought up on here, but I think that with the crazy mess that’s going on in Thailand it’d be nice to do some talking about that. I try to avoid being political online, whether it be here on my blog, or on Twitter, or Facebook, or anywhere else.…