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University of California, Berkeley

2017 – 2021

Major: Political Science
Minor: History

Work Experience

Bangkok Post
(June 2019 – July 2019)
I wrote for the Bangkok Post’s Asia Focus section. My responsibilities included independently covering conferences, conducting interviews and researching issues related to Asian geopolitics. I wrote eleven articles, including two front-page leads.

Korn Ferry
(June – July 2018)
I had the opportunity to contribute to HR consulting projects for multiple companies and state-owned enterprises in Thailand. My responsibilities included developing functional descriptions, devising change management strategies and activities and conducting competitive research on organizational design. I also designed a job description writing workshop and assisted with a leadership competencies workshop.

Research Experience

Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program
Assistant to Professor Aila Matanock
(January – December 2019)
I participated in research program supported by the US Department of Defense on security institutions and instability. During this time, I coded qualitative constitutional information into quantitative data and conducted variable cleaning using STATA. I also searched and compiled missing constitutions using online databases.

Assistant to Professor Mark Bevir
(January – May 2018)
I researched the process of devolution in the United Kingdom and analyzed its relationship with political philosophy on multiculturalism.

Extracurricular Experience

ASUC Student Union
Chair of the Board of Directors
(July 2019 – Present)
I currently chair the ASUC Student Union Board of Directors, which oversees the management of two campus buildings, comprising of over 25 professional staff and an annual budget of $10 million. I helped drive the process of re-envisioning the Student Union and provided student input as part of the Search Committee for a new Executive Director.

Associated Students of the University of California

Chief Communications Officer
(May 2018 – May 2019)
I led marketing and communications at the ASUC, directing outreach to 40,000 students on campus. I built and executed a new vision for the ASUC’s branding strategy, improved the ASUC’s relationship with both on and off-campus press with a new press relations operational policy, and reformed recruitment strategy and staff training procedures for thirty ASUC offices.

Elections Prosecutor
(November 2017 – May 2018)
I was responsible for investigating suspected elections violations and prosecuting them pursuant to ASUC bylaws. This entailed negotiating plea bargains, presenting legal cases to the ASUC Judicial Council and building awareness of frequent bylaw violations. I also sat on the ASUC Elections Council and participated in decision-making regarding the administration of the election to the student body. 

DiversaTech Consulting
(September 2018 – May 2019)
As a consultant for Gap, I researched omnichannel capabilities, created user personas, conducted a competitive analysis of rewards programs and presented to Gap at their San Francisco headquarters. For LinkedIn, I researched the behavior of young professionals and conducted on-campus market research which I then presented to the LinkedIn team.


  • John Quincy Adams Society/National Interest Essay Competition — Honorable Mention (2019)
  • Cal Alumni Association — Leadership Award (2019, 2018)
  • Council of International Schools — International Student Award (2016)
  • KIS International School — One Million Baht Scholarship (2015)

Published Work

Published in the Bangkok Post, Asia Times, Thai Enquirer, openDemocracy, Realist Review and The Big Chili. Click here for published work.

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