I try not to do posts like this on my blog because they’re crappy and have no valuable content, but I thought I should give an update. Anyway, you may notice that I haven’t been posting regularly for the past few weeks, but it’s because at my school it’s crunch time and I’ve been having lots of tests and assessments and stuff like that. So yeah. It’s been hard for me to find time to post lately, let alone to continue writing Revolution: Rise of Darkness. When I wrap up my last assessment, a book report of While I Live, I’ll begin posting good stuff again, and the next chapter of Revolution should be out before next Friday.

On another note, I’ve redesigned my other blog, Homewritten History, and I’ll give you more updates on it soon.



Long Live the King!

Today, 5th December, is annually celebrated as Father’s Day here in Thailand because it is His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s birthday. This year marks the King’s 85th birthday. So, happy Father’s day and long live the King!

Image source: americanthai.net

Today, Bangkok was once again turned into a stream of yellow-shirted people. (Yellow is the King’s color, because he was born on Monday, and in Thailand yellow represents Monday). I’m happy to say that I’m part of that stream. Usually the King’s birthday is a time where people (momentarily) forget the politics that divides the country so deeply into many factions, and it’s good to see everyone here in Thailand back together to celebrate the King’s birthday. The outcome of the amount of people waiting to see the King make his traditional birthday speech was huge (200,000 people is the estimate). I wasn’t there, though, but I did watch it from TV.

(Caption isn’t working for this pic, but image source: Yahoo.com)

A reason that I really like watching the King’s annual birthday celebrations is because it’s kinda like a reminder that there’s still something to be proud of in this country. Every year there’s always some sort of disaster that happens, whether it be floods because of the mismanagement of a corrupted government or riots that tear the capital apart, but at least Thailand still the monarchy, the symbol of the nation.

The King declared at the beginning of his reign that he would rule Thailand with righteousness for the benefit of the people of Thailand, and this has happened throughout his Majesty’s long reign. Long live the King!

The 40,000 Word Point

Recently, with the completion of Chapter 22 of Revolution: Rise of Darkness, I’ve written Revolution up to the 40,000 word point. My original goal for the whole novel was about 60,000 and with around ten or so chapters left for me to write, if each chapter each manages to score close to 2000 words, I should be able to get there.

One thing that I’m not too happy about Revolution, however, is my writing style. I think that as a writer, no matter how amateurish and noobish, I should be able to write better than that. It all comes down to how well I can edit, of course, as writing the whole novel is only about half the battle; there’s still the proofreading, editing and publishing which is incredibly boring and tempts people to quit. I know I’ve written stuff only to quit during the editing stages before. It’s very boring work. I’m determined that this time I’m not going to let editing stop me, however.

Anyway, to help with that, an opportunity has presented itself in the form of an English book report. I’m allowed to choose books that I’ve read before, and so I choose to reread a book from the very series that inspired the idea of Revolution: it’s the Tomorrow series by John Marsden. I’m actually choosing to read book 1, While I Live, of the Ellie Chronicles, because it’s a “book 1” and therefore simpler to do, but it’s just an extended Tomorrow series book which makes it still very Tomorrow-ish.

I’m not sure how much I’m getting to write for the next two to three weeks, however. I’m stuck with a ton of major assignments at school, Homewritten History, and class oscars. (Yeah, I’m a pretty busy person). Hopefully I’ll find time to write Chapter 23, but don’t be surprised if it’s been two weeks and still nothing has came out. I’m also not gonna make an attempt with NaBloPoMo, as I really don’t have time, and because of the reasons explained in a previous post.


So I Missed A Day

So I finally missed not just one day, but two, from NaBloPoMo. Well that’s nice. I’m now officially a NaBloPoMo 2012 Failure. Anyway, I’m a bit glad that I finally failed on this, because I realized something about my blogging that makes NaBloPoMo totally unsuitable for me.

I finally failed at this!

1) I can’t be forced to blog. I discovered this during Design Cycle Challenge week where I was really busy, and I still forced myself to write. The result was a week of crappy posts that only had “I’m so busy right now” on, and that isn’t any good for my blog.

2) I don’t have enough to blog about. I don’t have exciting adventures every single day of my life for me to write every day. “Oh,” you say, “you forget those prompt websites.” I don’t really like those either, even though I use them occasionally (at least I used to, anyway).

3) I’m too busy to blog everyday. Frankly a student is loaded with homework everyday and I don’t have time to spend half an hour writing a post every single day.

Just so you know, today is another of those ‘nothing-exciting’ days, so yeah.


Reviewing Train’s Latest Single, Bruises

I’m no professional music criticizer but since my favorite band, Train, just released their latest song, Bruises, maybe a fan is entitled to giving a review? 😛

Taste of Country does a pretty good job of summing up Bruises:

The song is about two friends catching up about 10 years after graduating from high school. Both of them are divorced, and they’ve been battered and bruised a few times over the years. But despite the pain, they recognize that their scars make them more interesting people.

Now, here’s my take on the song. The big and only problem here with the song is that…I’m not even in high school yet, so this song doesn’t really have a “personal touch”. And that isn’t Train’s fault, because really if that is such a big problem 50 ways to Say Goodbye is also not gonna be any good. (That’s not true, since 50 ways is a really good song.). At first when I heard the song when California 37 just came out I didn’t like it all that much (in fact it was among my least liked). But after listening to the album a few times, I’m starting to like it more and more.

In any case, the song is really good. Ashley Monroe’s voice is pretty good. The chorus is great and I guess a lot of people would have a personal connection with it. (eg. “bruises make for better conversation”). The musical style is also a nice change from the different tracks on California 37; who’d have expected Train to do country so well? 🙂

What really stands out here, though, is the video. It’s taken at the Red Rock amphitheater (which is really beautiful). Also, the clever part of the video is that Ashley and Pat are never actually together. (After all, they’re not together yet!). And what’s funny is that in the very first part of the video, Pat’s sitting in a train. Train in a train. Nice. 😛

Anyway, as an ending note, I’m hoping Train releases Mermaid or This’ll Be My Year as their next single…When the Fog Rolls In would also be nice…

What’s your opinion of Bruises?