Geometry- Nightmare of a Test

Geometry has always been the one aspect of mathematics that I absolutely despise. I don’t like looking at pretty figures and shapes, I don’t like figuring out the size of the angle or the length of the hypotenuse, and I do not like doodling shapes into my workbook. In short, I don’t like geometry. (I guess my feelings are pretty obvious through my choice of wording in the first sentence).

Anyway, today I had a GEOMETRY TEST. And…what is it about? Oh, it’s about ANGLESwhich happens to be about my weakest area in geometry (and that’s saying something). Basically, what I’ve been learning about (or supposed to learn about; I don’t understand a fair bit of stuff) is finding unknown angles using things like corresponding and alternate and interior angles or angles in a triangle.

I don’t like geometry terms. 😉

Here’s the events listed in chronological order.

YESTERDAY- slowly reviewing by going on Facebook reading the math textbook

TODAY- I walk into homeroom, worrying about the math test that’s coming up in Period 3.

Then a stroke of luck comes…

HOMEROOM- it is announced that PSE (Health) class is cancelled and I will have extra study hall! Cheers erupt in homeroom.

PERIOD 1- Study hall! Like a madman I quickly review every single thing there is to review. I open the teacher’s presentation, I reread the textbook, I recomplete the Review Sets…is there really nothing more that I can do so that I can assure myself that I am totally ready? Well, that question can’t be answered yet; the bell rings…

PERIOD 2- Performing Arts. I simply forget that I have a math test as I’m too busy working on a Commedia Dell’Arte performance.

PERIOD 3- Wait. It’s Math already? Doesn’t that mean…it’s test time? I sit down and the teacher hands me a test. I look at the true or false questions…and do a bit of guesswork. Then I find stuff about sides and sum of interior angles…and it made me realize what I had forgotten to review.

AFTERWARDS- please don’t talk to me about how you answered questions on the test. I don’t want to hear anything from you.

And that…is my angles test legend, summarized.



The Best Lockdown Drill Practice Ever

Luckily for me, today’s events at school were exciting, so I have something to blog about for NaBloPoMo. 🙂 Anyway, today we had a


lockdown drill. Just in case you don’t know, a lockdown drill happens when some armed nasty guy breaks into the building and everyone needs to hide.

I’ve always been a bit curious about the lockdown drill. Locked doors are easy to break, and really, I think the only point of a lockdown drill is simply hiding practice, since we don’t actually do anything (eg. pile tables and chairs in front of the door) to prevent the door being opened. But if every room is dark and it seems like no one is in any room, won’t the invader just try every room or something? How will hiding under tables help if that happen? And there’s this time when I was in Grade 1 or 2 where the teacher just had us sit in the middle of the room, because “the robber won’t pay attention to the boards and so you’d be safe.” Not exactly very reassuring, if that’s the plan should anything happen.

That aside, today I had lockdown drill practice. It was the best ever. (That’s sarcasm, by the way). Usually when I have a lockdown drill, I’m learning in some nice air-conditioned classroom. Two years ago, I was in the computer lab; we hid under the computer desks (a bit cramped, but fine.) Last year, I was in English class. Hiding behind tables and trying not to be visible through the windows once again.

This year, I had lockdown drill during PE class. Yes, PE. Physical Education. Some of you call it gym or sports or whatever. I call it PE. Anyway, you know what PE class is. You’re in the open football field. There’s absolutely no place to hide. (Well, of course you could try burrowing yourself into the ground, but that would lead to destroying the nice grass patch, which is a big crime in itself!)

Anyway, when we heard the lockdown drill our teacher quickly led us to the closest room available. It was the equipment room, and while it was the closest room available, apparently it was also the smallest and the only one in the area that wouldn’t have been air conditioned before the lockdown drill. Everyone was quickly pushed inside the small room. And I’ve blogged about how hot Thailand is before. Doing the high jump in a football field under Thailand’s sunshine, then finding yourself in a closed, cramped room without wind of any sort? It’s like a microwave.

We were in there for quite some time. It was really cramped. That’s the first thing I noticed. An equipment room would never have been intended for use at the same time by about sixteen students anyway. And it was probably never cleaned. Dust was everywhere and the room smelled (maybe not just because of how dirty it was but because of the fact that everyone was sweating). I grabbed one of those foam-ish colored blocks that small kids put together like a puzzle to play with. I tried fanning myself with it, only to realize that it’s dusty.

Meanwhile, the longer we stayed in there the hotter it became. There were too many people, everyone was sweating, there was no wind. I don’t know how long we were in there, but I felt like we were in there ages. A better guess would probably be something like six or seven minutes.

They were the minutes of pure torture.

Then came the principal’s voice that all was clear and we could come out now. That voice? It was the sound of heaven. The door was slowly opened and the whole class rushed out.

I just realized how cool the weather here in Thailand is. The wind blowing…aaaah.

Lesson learned: Thailand isn’t as hot as you think it is. 🙂


Blogger’s Biggest Horror (and Shaved Ice)

Finding a topic

Thinking and thinking for hours

My head is empty.

Why did I even sign up for NaBloPoMo? Posting every day for the whole month…this is crazy. I’m already dying. So here’s my problem. It’s always been a problem for me. I don’t have anything to blog about.

Well, actually, I do. I can blog about school, but sadly school hasn’t been the most exciting place on Earth lately. I could blog some more about my writing, but I also haven’t done too much writing lately. (And I blog way too much about my writing anyway. It makes me sound like one of those over-reflective people.) I could blog about food. Yeah, food. I can blog about food.

Arguing for Shaved Ice as Man’s Best Invention

Hello everyone, today I would like to use this blog post to argue that shaved ice (with condensed milk and syrup all over) is actually the best thing mankind ever invented. Without shaved ice (with condensed milk and syrup all over), Thai people would not continue to exist to this day. Shaved ice (with condensed milke and syrup all over) has allowed us to stay cool despite the heat. And by the way, folks, it’s winter here in Thailand already, but it’s still always about more than 35 degrees. This is worse than a ‘holiday in Cambodia’.

Wait, actually, that does sound nice. By the way, this is true. Do you know what shaved ice is? Here in Thailand it always looks like this. No rainbow-colored ice, folks. This is the real deal.

Pink ice, condensed milk on top. Nothing tastes better than this. 😉 And it’s also true that here in Thailand it’s already summer, BUT the temperature is still ridiculously high and there isn’t any bit of coolness, not even in the morning.

Okay, I’m sidetracked. Back to what I was talking about earlier.

I can write about what I’m ‘passionate’ about. This is a word that gets thrown around often, especially in Twitter bios. It’s everywhere. But…am I actually passionate about anything? So…let’s see. Classes I enjoy most at school are LA English and Humanities. Humanities= history. English= writing. History is covered on my other blog (which I co-write with other friends) while writing is totally covered here. I’m actually also kinda interested in technology…so maybe a blog post on Windows 8 would be coming soon. And maybe one on Ubuntu.

In any case, I’m using NaBloPoMo to force me to write, so that I’m actually forced to come up with new ideas to blog about (and that should probably help with my blog activity in the future). Otherwise I’d be stuck with posting novel chapters forever and that’s not fun. 🙂




This NaBloPoMo Thing Isn’t Going Well

A few days ago I blogged about why I’m not joining NaNoWriMo. Instead, I chose to join NaBloPoMo (which is simply posting on your blog for every day in November). It hasn’t been going too well so far. I’ve already missed out two days.

Anyway, this post is simply to tell everyone that I’m here for NaBloPoMo and to fill in for today’s post. 🙂 I’m a bit busy at the moment; I’d be posting longer posts soon. Thanks. 🙂

Wow, I Actually Use Semicolons (The Scary Punctuation Mark)

Recently I read a Freshly Pressed post called Interview with a semicolon on the blog Tom Gething: re reading. Basically what this post is is a short ‘fake’ interview with a semicolon. Yeah, they’re interviewing a punctuation mark.

Gething:  That’s my point. Many modern writers, in particular Cormac McCarthy in his interview with Oprah, have called for your extinction. What did you do to create such a virulent reaction?

Semicolon:  Ask Mr. McCarthy; to my knowledge I did nothing.

Gething:  But you must have done something. He’s not calling for the elimination of the period or the question mark, or even the colon in certain instances.

Semicolon:  No, he seems to have targeted me in particular…and the exclamation mark; I don’t know what we did to deserve such enmity. My purpose seems quite clear—to connect two or more independent clauses more closely than ones separated by a period. I believe there’s still a place for that in the world.


I agree- semicolons do have a place in the world. It’s a relevant post. The main reason anyone would use a semicolon these days would be to make emotes (like ;)). Here’s what a semicolon does: 1) connect two related sentences or 2) to help avoid confusion when you’re dealing with a big list.

Here’s an example of a semicolon in use:

There’s so much homework today. I’m working myself to death.

But with a semicolon in the sentence, it looks like this:

There’s so much homework today; I’m working myself to death.

The sentence does sound nice. You don’t have to keep pausing for breath if there’s a semicolon. It’s kinda like a semi-pause. (Of course, you don’t want to overuse a semicolon; if you do that, readers will be out of breath by the time they finish the sentence which will most likely look like a paragraph).

Anyway, after reading this interview with a semicolon thing, it made me realize how often I actually use these punctuation marks. And the funny thing is that I haven’t been using them very often before very recently; in fact, I don’t think that last year I used these at all.


I came up with a few reasons.

  1. People like using the full stop. It’s easier, much more widely soon and more fool-proof.
  2. People don’t know how to use it?
  3. People don’t realize it’s there?
  4. People just keep hitting shift and turning it into an “:”?
  5. IT’S JUST SCARY? Yeah, punctuation marks are scary (since they aren’t seen very often). If there was a Punctuation Halloween everyone would dressing up as a semicolon.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this post, but I guess I just wanted to stand up and defend the semicolon? What do you think about the semicolon? Comment your ideas.