A (Rare) Trip to an Amusement Park

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The first thing I’d like to say in this post is no, I’m not going to be writing about the *quote unquote…cough cough* end of the world here; I did it on Homewritten History. Today I want to talk about a recent trip I took to an amusement park.

I have to say that I am not a big fan of amusement parks. I do not enjoy riding on rollercoasters, because I have height-phobia…oh, it’s called acrophobia. Yeah, I have that, whatever it is. Anyway, this makes riding rollercoasters not exactly the most enjoyable thing to do, and I seriously dislike riding in the open at fast speeds. I mean, I can do it, but I don’t like it. I was once on the Space Mountain rollercoaster in Disneyland at Hong Kong and I pretty much hated every minute of it.

Anyway, my friends are either 1) ordinary (since it seems like most people LIKE rollercoasters…hard to understand isn’t it :p) or 2) thrill-junkies who love being spun and shook upside down 360 degrees in mid-air. I’ve been asked to go on trips to a local amusement park here in Bangkok a couple of times now, but I’ve always refused.

Now here comes the exciting part: I was recently asked again and I accepted. Yeah. Me, the hater of amusement parks, going with a bunch of rollercoaster junkies for a day. The trip’s schedule was basically to ride whatever rollercoaster stands in front of us. Great! Exciting! I’m thrilled! Oh damnit, how did I ever get myself here?

I arrived at the amusement park at about 40 minutes before 11 o’clock, the meeting time. I’d been to that park before, but it was five years ago and I don’t remember much about it. Soon my friends arrived, we bought the tickets and I went in.

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The first rollercoaster: it was a small one and I actually recalled being on it before. Nothing scary then. Then we went to the second one. It’s called the ‘Viking’ because it looks like a ship, and what it does is it goes left and right, up and down. I’m no great describer of stuff, but trust me, it looked scary.

“Hey,” I asked a friend, “is this one scary?”

“No, not that much!” he said.

“Okay, fine then. I’ll go on.” I said. I got in the queue and then…as I waited for the people already on to finish, I wished I didn’t get in the line at all. “No, not that much!” Oh damn. Not that much. It was too high and it went too fast and it went on for too long. Oh god. Oh no. Can I jump out of the line now, please? No, that’d look stupid. I gritted my teeth and got on when it was time.

The great boat started swinging. Okay, this isn’t too bad, I thought to myself. I was wrong again. It started swinging higher and higher. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes. Damn, friends, thank you so much for taking me on this thing. Apparently when I closed my eyes it wasn’t too bad, except for when I did open it and found myself staring down to the ground from high in the air. Amazingly I was still able to walk and function very properly after it was all over. 🙂

Next one: the ‘Skycoaster’. “This one isn’t scary at all“, my friends assured me. This one is the one where there’s no floor to the rollercoaster so your feet are dangling to the air. Well, the always-obedient Ken went on of course, and when it was all over…LESSON LEARNED. DON’T TRUST YOUR FRIENDS TOO MUCH WHILE ON AT THE AMUSEMENT PARK. It was seriously even worse than the Viking. The fact that there was no support to my feet was too much or something. Anyway, the fact that I was sitting next to a stranger didn’t help; usually I’d scream swear words to the air, but I didn’t want to do that while sitting next to a stranger (although the stranger did scream a couple of swears).

When I saw what they planned to go on next, it was an absolute no.


Overall it was a fun day, although if I’m asked out to this amusement park again I’m going to have to go through serious thinking. 😛 There was this nice little dangerous bit though: my friends were on a rollercoaster (of course) that I’d refused to go on, and the people waiting down saw one of the nails fall off as the rollercoaster stopped. If it fell off just a few moments before…



The Importance of Waking Up Late

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The reason I say no is because

  1. I don’t actually *feel* refreshed the next morning even if I sleep at 9 or something (mostly because I don’t sleep at 9)
  2. You still feel sleepy in the morning
  3. And so what is more important is that YOU GET A GOOD MORNING’S ROLL-ON-THE-BED-AH-I-DON’T-NEED-TO-WAKE-UP-TIME.

Yes. I’m going to repeat that again. You need to get lots of time to roll on the bed. Forget whatever they said about sleeping early. If you sleep early and you don’t get time to roll about in your bed, not having to care about life, for about ten minutes, you’re still gonna feel exhausted. Haven’t you ever felt it before? That feeling of having to get out of bed right away after your eyes open? It’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it? To leave the comfort and warmth under your bedsheets to brush your teeth?

Alright, let me elaborate more on waking up late. If you absolutely have to get out of bed the minute you wake up, you are immediately forced to leave the safety of your bed. That isn’t a good feeling. There’s no one who doesn’t wake up feeling at least a bit sleepy. You still need to satisfy that desire to sleep simply by rolling around more. This is called Ken’s Theory. Isn’t it fascinating?

Anyway, I’m here to boast that since it’s term break for me, I get to roll about in bed in the mornings every day.


Oh Wow, Sports Day (Note: This Post is Excessively Annoying)

So…oh damnit. Why am I so addicted to using the word ‘so’ to begin a sentence all the time? Anyway, I had sports day today and it was…okay I guess. Yeah, you better hand that Best Blogger Award 2012 to me. “Anyway, I had sports day today, and it was…okay I guess.” How interesting is that.

So…again. ARGH. Anyway…oh darn, now I don’t know how to start this sentence. Actually, no, I forget what I was gonna write. Rewind. So…well actually I don’t care anymore if I use the word ‘so’ to begin the sentence. So this post will be all about how my sports day was. How interesting, once again. So…SO…this post is seriously annoying for me to write. And probably for you to read too..Actually guess what. I’m not even going to go over what I did because this blog is all about how exciting my life is and apparently my life isn’t exciting, so I have to be a bit selective. Anyway, the sports I chose to do was handball, kickball and then I was force-signed up to hurdles in a mega relay. So that’s all of this in summary.

And really the only reason I’m writing this post is because it’s already mid December and still we hadn’t a cold, breezy morning yet. wat ish wrong wid teh weather

I feel like ragequitting from writing this post at any moment because it sounds so boring. Yeah, I guess I’m not in the mood to write right now. Goodbye.



I try not to do posts like this on my blog because they’re crappy and have no valuable content, but I thought I should give an update. Anyway, you may notice that I haven’t been posting regularly for the past few weeks, but it’s because at my school it’s crunch time and I’ve been having lots of tests and assessments and stuff like that. So yeah. It’s been hard for me to find time to post lately, let alone to continue writing Revolution: Rise of Darkness. When I wrap up my last assessment, a book report of While I Live, I’ll begin posting good stuff again, and the next chapter of Revolution should be out before next Friday.

On another note, I’ve redesigned my other blog, Homewritten History, and I’ll give you more updates on it soon.


Long Live the King!

Today, 5th December, is annually celebrated as Father’s Day here in Thailand because it is His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s birthday. This year marks the King’s 85th birthday. So, happy Father’s day and long live the King!

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Today, Bangkok was once again turned into a stream of yellow-shirted people. (Yellow is the King’s color, because he was born on Monday, and in Thailand yellow represents Monday). I’m happy to say that I’m part of that stream. Usually the King’s birthday is a time where people (momentarily) forget the politics that divides the country so deeply into many factions, and it’s good to see everyone here in Thailand back together to celebrate the King’s birthday. The outcome of the amount of people waiting to see the King make his traditional birthday speech was huge (200,000 people is the estimate). I wasn’t there, though, but I did watch it from TV.

(Caption isn’t working for this pic, but image source: Yahoo.com)

A reason that I really like watching the King’s annual birthday celebrations is because it’s kinda like a reminder that there’s still something to be proud of in this country. Every year there’s always some sort of disaster that happens, whether it be floods because of the mismanagement of a corrupted government or riots that tear the capital apart, but at least Thailand still the monarchy, the symbol of the nation.

The King declared at the beginning of his reign that he would rule Thailand with righteousness for the benefit of the people of Thailand, and this has happened throughout his Majesty’s long reign. Long live the King!