Short Stories

Short stories are a mode through which I experiment with my writing. I try new writing styles, new genres, practice character development- I consider it my literary lab. Here are the short stories I’ve published so far.

Perpetual Agony

Infusing dystopian visions with themes of homelessness and abandonment.

Descending Higher

A short story on World War 1, on the centenary of the outbreak of the war that would change the world forever.

Valiant Undertakings

It’s a question that’s gripped the thinkers throughout the ages- do the ends justify the means, especially when real lives are involved?

First Love 

Love’s an important feeling to everyone, but the first love you experience is always the one you’ll remember the most.


Sushi, a dictator, poison and an ambitious minister.The stage is set.


It’s terrible that humans are naturally cruel, intolerant and violent. This is a tale of a society where oppression rules supreme.

Flood Patrol

Alone in an abandoned, flooded, dark city, the confrontation of fear is a task easier said than done.

Dividing the Spoils

What happens when politicians speak their minds? Here’s a short story involving politics, corruption and morality.

Memento Mori

A dark short story about death.

Café Confession

My first romantic short story.

Just a Dream

My earliest short story.

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