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  • As Protests Continue, Thaksin’s Power Erodes

    As Protests Continue, Thaksin’s Power Erodes

    ‘I came from elections’, ‘the majority chose me’; these are some of the favorite catchphrases of Yingluck Shinawatra. Indeed, constant and predictable victory in national elections is where the Thaksin regime derives its legitimacy. Despite the fact that democracy is so much more than just voting at the election booth, the government continues to position…

  • Thailand: the Political Mess

    Thailand: the Political Mess

    Politics isn’t a subject that I’ve ever brought up on here, but I think that with the crazy mess that’s going on in Thailand it’d be nice to do some talking about that. I try to avoid being political online, whether it be here on my blog, or on Twitter, or Facebook, or anywhere else.…