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  • In Brexit Britain, the Knives Are Out

    In Brexit Britain, the Knives Are Out

    A knife in the back is something that British foreign secretary Boris Johnson should know quite a bit about. It was just last year when the flamboyant Brexit poster-boy, who had been so sure that he was about to succeed David Cameron as prime minister, was betrayed by best buddy Michael Gove. It worked out…

  • What Theresa May Must Decide

    What Theresa May Must Decide

    The image of a female leader once again taking residence at 10 Downing Street was always bound to evoke memories. After all, for eleven years, Margaret Thatcher had been prime minister of the United Kingdom. Regardless of their political leanings, people widely hailed her for her steely determination and tendency to get her way. “The…

  • Ever-closer Union?

    Ever-closer Union?

    This is a big year in Southeast Asia, not least because of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) that has just come into force this year. It bounds up the nations of ASEAN closer together economically than ever before.  Any talk of economic or political unions, of course, are bound to conjure up thoughts about the…