My Writing Process: Blog Tour- November 2013

I’ve been asked to do this by a couple of my friends. I don’t have that much time this week, because I have a load of assessments and stuff coming in and to be honest I don’t really feel like writing a bunch of stuff on here anyway…but apparently a friend, who already did this thing, really […]


I don’t want to move forward with writing. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. I think that’s a quote from Franklin Roosevelt, or some other American President- not like I’m an authority on the subject of American presidential quotes, because I don’t actually know anything about American Presidents, other than the current one […]

Sestina Poem- A Glorious Massacre

I haven’t posted in some time- I’ve been in a flood of homework recently. I’m going to be having my term break soon, however, so I’ll finally get around to writing again soon. Anyway, just to have some new content here, I decided to post a poem I wrote for English class a few days […]

Short Story- Just a Dream

I’ve been incredibly busy these past few weeks. Barely had time to write anything new at all. So, I’ll take a never-published old short story to post here this week.JUST A DREAMJames teared the envelope and slowly pulled out the paper inside. His hand trembled as he read his returned university application form. Another page had been […]

Thoughts on Writing Historical Fiction

I’m now a few weeks into writing Shield of Fire (my historical fiction novel about the Persian Wars) and my progress has been very slow- only got to chapter 2? I thought I’d talk a bit about how I’m doing with writing historical fiction. Firstly, I want to write this post because of the highly important reason […]

On Writing Short Stories

Should I be writing more short stories? As you may have noticed, I call myself a ‘writer’ but I have never posted a short story on this blog before. And short stories are supposed to be super-common, aren’t they? Why haven’t I written and posted any yet? The truth is I have written short stories before. Obviously. […]