Ken L.

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Mathis (Ken) Lohatepanont. I’m a writer and student11406698_833220296770843_804792217166482706_o (1) from Bangkok, Thailandand I’m
enthusiastic about history, politics and economics. I’ve been blogging for around eight years!

I first became involved in politics through participating in the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) protests in Thailand, which called for a reform of Thai democracy. It led me to ask questions about the foundations of politics: what is power, and from where is it derived? To what ends should it be wielded? What is the nature of democracy, and what are its limitations?

This led me to begin writing about the Thai political conflict extensively. My most widely read political post is ‘Inconvenient Truths About Thailand’s Coup‘, which defended the Thai coup of 2014 against the most frequent accusations often espoused by foreign media and governments. Later, I was given the opportunity to work with the Thai Constitution Drafting Committee in early 2015 as part of its public relations team, although the committee has since been disbanded. I now continue to cover the situation in Thailand, and I advocate for reforms to be completed that will aid the development of the nation. In 2015, I was interviewed on the BBC World Have Your Say radio programme about a bombing in Bangkok.

Since then, I have also been focusing on global politics, and have written about current events in a variety of countries. This led to an ‘International Student Award’ from the Council of International Schools for promoting internationalism. My article ‘What Trump’s Triumph Means‘ was published in The Big Chilli magazine in December 2016.

Please see the following links for a full compilation of my writing:

  • Thai politics: articles covering Thai politics
  • Global politics: articles covering a range of international issues
  • Fiction: a compilation of short stories written to date
  • Know Your Media: an eBook about the media and its relationship with the democracy, written with a focus on Thailand

If you’d like to contact me, please don’t hesitate to comment directly on one of my posts. Alternately, you can also tweet to me @KenLWrites. I can also be reached via email at

I believe that writing truly is a powerful medium of communication, and that it can be a force for good that can facilitate positive change, whether in Thailand or worldwide. By continuing to write, I hope that I am playing a role in helping to create this change. I thank everyone for continuing to support my writing over the years, and I truly hope that I will continue to receive your feedback and critique long into the future.

17 thoughts on “Ken L.

  1. Since Im just reading this now, I’d like to let you know while opinionate is not a word, “opine” is. With the precise meaning you desired 🙂

  2. Your political pieces are beautifully written and a model of clarity. I am amazed at how young you are. I shall read your literary work next. Bless you Ken for your fairmindedness. Best wishes.

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