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Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Mathis (Ken) Lohatepanont. Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, I am currently a student majoring in political science at the University of California, Berkeley. I believe in using writing to facilitate positive political and social change.


I began writing about politics during the 2013-2014 protests in Bangkok. In 2015, I went to the forefront of the efforts to improve Thailand’s political system by working in the public relations team of the Constitution Drafting Committee. Today, I am an analyst of Thai politics, where I continue to I advocate for democratic reform and  national development. I wrote The Story of Thai Democracy, a history of Thailand since the 1932 revolution. I also opine about global politics, especially in the United States.

I’ve been interviewed by the BBC and published in newspapers and online magazines such as the Bangkok Post, the International Policy Digest and The Big Chilli. My work has been recognised in the Bangkok Post and the Council of International Schools.

Three beliefs underpin my writing. First, writing can help bring about positive political and social change, such as by advocating for democracy, good governance and economic development. Second, political science, history and other social sciences are crucial to modern-day society, and writers can help make these fields more engaging and accessible to everyone. Third, writing can help promote compassion, positivity, and recognition of the need to uphold the common good, which makes this world a better place.

I also have a number of interests outside of politics. I am passionate about studying the past and founded History Republic, a new Medium publication aimed at making the world fall in love with history again. I run marketing and communications for the ASUC (UC Berkeley’s student government), where I explore the intersection of marketing, social media, design, public policy and student advocacy. My interest in organisational culture, motivation theories and the future of work led me to intern for Korn Ferry Hay Group, a human resources consultancy.

When I’m not writing, you’ll most likely find me reading, trying to learn Photoshop, and exploring the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact & Resumé

If you’d like to contact me, please don’t hesitate to comment directly on one of my posts, tweet to me @KenLWrites, or email me at

For more about me, please view my resumé here.

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