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Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My name is Mathis (Ken) Lohatepanont. Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, I am currently a student of political science at the University of California, Berkeley. I’m passionate about democratic development, international relations and all things politics.

About Me

1c5e5e51b477b73d5baf5692eb0656f4I first became involved in politics through the 2013-2014 protests in Bangkok, calling for a reform of Thai democracy. After the military coup of May 2014, I went to the forefront of the efforts to improve Thailand’s political system by working in the public relations team of the Constitution Drafting Committee. I continue to cover current affairs in Thailand and advocate for Thailand’s political and economic development in this blog. I’ve also written a history of Thailand’s democratic era, The Story of Thai Democracy.

In addition to writing about Thailand, I analyse global politics, including in the United States, Asia and Europe. Now, at UC Berkeley, I continue to pursue my quest to better understand the nature of power and democracy through my studies of political science.

I’ve been interviewed by the BBC and published in newspapers and online magazines such as the Bangkok Post, the International Policy Digest and The Big Chilli. My work has been recognised in the Bangkok Post and the Council of International Schools. My firm belief is that writing can be a force for good that can facilitate positive political and social change. With this blog, I hope that I am playing a role in helping to create this change.

When I’m not writing about politics, I run marketing and communications at UC Berkeley’s student government, research multiculturalism in Britain, read about the world and enjoy exploring the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contact Me

If you’d like to contact me, please don’t hesitate to comment directly on one of my posts, tweet to me @KenLWrites, or email me at


For more about me, please view my resumé: Mathis (Ken) Lohatepanont Resume

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