Ken Lohatepanont

Hi there!

My name is Mathis Lohatepanont, and I go by Ken. Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, I am a political science student at the University of California, Berkeley. 

I’m passionate about comparative politics and international relations, with a focus on East Asia. In particular, I’m interested in political institutions and constitutionalism in Thailand. On my blog, which is primarily on Thai politics, I advocate for democratic reform and good governance. I regularly contribute to the Thai Enquirer, and my work has been published in the Asia Times, openDemocracy and the Bangkok Post, among other outlets. I also strive to make history engaging and accessible through my projects on Thai history. 

My interest in improving governance has translated into an enthusiasm for building better organizations. On campus, I am currently Chair of the ASUC Student Union Board of Directors and served as Chief Communications Officer for UC Berkeley’s student government and an independent non-profit, the ASUC. My Experience page talks more about what I’ve done.

If you’d like to contact me, please don’t hesitate to comment directly on one of my posts, connect with me on LinkedIn, tweet to me @KenLWrites, or email me at

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